Hair coloring in two colors: do at home!
 Two-tone painting - a bold trend, which will allow you to experiment with unique color combinations. There are several ways to implement two-tone coloration in life, this will be discussed in the article.

Advantages of the two-color staining

- Your style immediately becomes unique.

- Second hair color adds color depth and volume.

- Two-color painting - a good solution for owners of fine hair, because such a method of coloring makes visually voluminous hair.

- Your image will be bold, it will give confidence, a sense of their own uniqueness.

Selecting a color combination

- The most important principle in choosing a pair of colors is a contrast.

- Another important rule: it is best to choose a color from the "one family", then they will create a more harmonious way.

- Do not forget to consider your skin tone and natural hair color. If you want to make the most natural combination - one of the colors, select the one that is closest to your own hair tone.

- Ideally, the two should be a shade of a single color group, either cold or warm. Then, even at very high contrast reception work.

- And, of course, there are no strict rules as have our own vision and a great desire to do something original. Be of good cheer!

 Hair coloring in two colors: do at home!
  Hair coloring in two colors: do at home!

The most popular and harmonious color combinations:

- Red + Black,

- Platinum + Black,

- Dark chocolate caramel +,

- Eggplant / burgundy / bright Red + dark brown,

- Light Copper + Red,

- Purple + Blue.

Three basic styles of two-color staining

If you're still a beginner in home coloring, do not look for complicated methods, select one of the three main styles:

1. The upper and lower layers.   This is the most popular technique. It's simple: the upper segment of the hair is painted in one color, and the lower - in the other. Usually, stylists choose a lighter shade to the top of hair, and darker - for lower. But you might want to try another option.

2. colored tips. In this painting bright color is added only on the tips of the hair (often no more than 2-3 cm). Special effects can be achieved if you combine this type of stain with a spectacular hairstyle, with tapered ends and slightly protruding. It will turn bright and perky style.

3. Segments and stripes. This method is popular with young people, they are not afraid to paint in a bright color hair piece (eg, bangs, or bangs part), or make colored stripes (vertical, horizontal, diagonal). Staining segments and bands are well suited for short hair. And such stars as shocking Nicki Minaj and Rihanna have opened this year a new trend: they shared their hair parted in the center and each half of the head was stained a different color. Later, the trend picked up the most daring fashionista Instagrame abound in these photos.

 Hair coloring in two colors: do at home!
  Hair coloring in two colors: do at home!

Painted in two colors

If you have decided on a two-tone coloring, it can be done at home. Explore our practical advice and tips:

- Start by selecting the colors, given his style, skin tone and eye color.

- You will need a plastic scarf. It is necessary to close portions of the hair, which is not currently painted. It will not mix two colors to get two of pure color.

- Light shade should be applied first, to avoid accidental staining darker shade of those segments that need to be light.

- Choose colors that fall within the 3 shades of the natural hair color (3 shades lighter or darker tone 3). If you do not comply with this rule, the result is very artificial, destructive image.

- As soon as you have done the color before you leave it for a few minutes to act, once again, observe that the dye was only the necessary parts. This helps avoid accidental stains.

Step by step instructions on how to dye your hair in two colors

Step 1.   Prepare everything you need for the dyeing process:

- An old T-shirt, which will never be used;

- Fat cream or petroleum jelly, to protect them from staining your skin at the hairline, especially on the neck and behind the ears;

- Two of the dye;

- Air conditioning and shampoo.

Step 2. Divide the hair into locks. To cover those parts of the hair to be colored in a darker shade.

STEP 3.   Apply first bright paint. When reach the desired hair color, hair should be rinsed until the water runs clear. It should be washed off only those locks that are stained. Segments for dark paint must be kept dry. If by chance these segments is also soaked, you should wait until they are dry.

Step 4.   Good close those segments that have a light colored dye, and cause the paint darker to unpainted portions of the hair. Apply a dark dye gently brush better. It is better to spend an extra minute on the distribution of color, than to be unhappy with the results.

Step 5.   After the dyeing time has elapsed, thoroughly rinse your hair with shampoo and field - nourishing conditioner. Do not try to assess the results of staining, it will be visible only when the hair is completely dry.

 Hair coloring in two colors: do at home!

Hairstyles for the two-color staining

It is clear that such a bold trend involves changes in the style, not only in color. Not every hair style emphasizes the benefit two-tone coloring. But there is a very successful versions, among them we should mention some of the most spectacular:

- Kos. If you do not want to get a haircut, then woven into a braid bright strand will create a mouthwatering and original look.

- A beam. Even a simple "bun" will be spectacular, if it will be included colored strand.

- All short haircuts. Girls with short hair simply must try two-tone coloring, it is created for you!

Do not forget to buy a good styling with thermal protection to keep the bright color effect for a long time!
Author: Julia Shestakova