How to choose a hair iron?
 Straight hair is always relevant. But who of us is the owner of nature perfectly smooth curls? Virtually no such lucky women. Therefore, for all the suffering and it was coined by a miracle device - hair straightener. But how not to get lost in the variety of offered models? Find out now how to choose your perfect utyuzhok. So, what to look for when buying:

1. Cover forceps

The coatings are of different nature, but not all of them are equally good for hair health. For example, the metal - the most violent against the shock of hair: burnt hair that become brittle, dull and split. Pottery, in contrast, is delicate: its devastating effect on the hair is minimized, and the price of these irons is not exorbitant. Titanium irons - the best choice for today, because safe for curls, heat up instantly, guarantee long styling. They have the highest price and are most often used by professionals.

2. The function of temperature control

The higher heating ironing, the faster can straighten hair. However, if they are damaged or thin by nature, high temperature, they are contraindicated. And then it comes to the aid of the heating controller. Conventionally, all the irons can be divided into devices with rotary controls (mechanical) and with an electronic display. The disadvantage of the "mechanics" is that it is impossible to determine for sure to set the temperature and adjust it. Therefore, the "e" ironing function and fine-tune the display are preferred.

 How to choose a hair iron?

3. The width of plate

When this option is guided by the following: the longer the hair, the greater must be the heated surface ironing. To put it in numbers for short haircuts best option will be the thin plate 2 cm wide. For owners of luxury long hair can take the pliers 8 cm. However, keep in mind that if you still inexperienced in terms of communication with these devices, there is a great chance to burn hair straightener overexposed. After all, the wider the plates, the faster the "magic" of the hair. Therefore inexperienced long-haired ladies, you can choose to start ironing the width of 3 cm.

4. Additional Features

Now the market is replete with a variety of models with additional tips and features: embossing, the ability to curl the hair, making the curls of different sizes, blowing cold air, the ionizing effect, etc. You want them or not, you decide for yourself. Please note only that moment, that for such irons, straighteners "2 in 1" and "3 in 1" will have to pay in comparison to their ordinary counterparts. However, it is cheaper than buying all the devices individually.

 How to choose a hair iron?

5. The cost of the device

Selection of the rectifier - a classic case of a miser can pay twice. That is, when buying low-quality and money thrown to the wind, and spoil the hair. Therefore it is better not to save and buy a professional ironing. Though they cost from 2000-3000 rubles, but last a long time, they will do their jobs effectively, keep hair healthy. However, if you have limited finances and certainly know that the rectifier will use rarely, you can turn your gaze and low cost options.

Is it worth buying to read reviews on the Internet about ironing? Probably not: the hair of the fair sex are different, thus the effect is individual for each. And what is really worth to do is to analyze in advance for what purpose you need a hair iron, and how often you will use his help. Knowing the answers will greatly facilitate your choice and save time.
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya