Lighten Hair: easy way
 Light strands look so cute that they want to get hold of everything: girls brunettes and blondes and redheads. So - it's time to make a clarification. But without caps and fleece. Will balayazh machinery and foil.

Why is part of the home lighting or highlighting looks sharp and even rude? The secret is not in color. The secret, which is owned by master stylists - this is the correct partitioning and patience. Yes, take your time, do not try to reduce the number of coated strands. On the contrary - make as many colored pryadok. It employs a rule: many thin pryadok better than small and thick.

Start with dry hair. Cook the mixture for dyeing. Before you use foil, you need to know the basic techniques for working with it. This is usually done as follows:

 Lighten Hair: easy way
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1. Separate the strands that need to paint. Kill the rest of the hair clip so they do not interfere.
2. Under strand enclose a strip of foil.
3. Stained hair brush directly over the foil - from the roots. Paints should be enough to paint over the hair strand, and as if stuck to the foil.
4. Wrap the bottom edge of the foil up to the roots. The sides of the wrap. Should this happen, "envelope" for the hair. Proceed gently, not abruptly, the foil should not slide with hair coloring will stain differently.

If you understand the basic principle of operation is now approaching the main secret - segmentation. We want to facilitate a uniform color all over the head. And this prompted us to welcome the author of the blog .

Step 1. Mentally draw on top of the head a square or almost square (rectangle). Separate the top and kill the hair in a bun.

 Lighten Hair: easy way

Step 2. Paint using foil strands of cheturem sides of the square. Make your own painting on the back side of the square - rather difficult. If you act alone, you can skip this side - the truth, then the lighting is mostly on the front of the head. But if you - a perfectionist and want perfect results - calling to help her friend, sister or mother - let him help you.

 Lighten Hair: easy way

Tip: just the right amount of cut strips of foil to be distracted.

STEP 3. Now mentally draw a square inside the diamond, the corners of the square which is divided in half. Make a painting using foil on both sides, "rhombus". Do not take the thick strands, not all of the hair should be painted, but only on the sides of the diamond.

 Lighten Hair: easy way

Step 4. Repeat step 3 1 or 2 more times, depending on the thickness of your hair. That is, include your new square into a rhombus, and then another one.

 Lighten Hair: easy way

Tip: If your hair is thick, you can make 2 rows on each side of the foil squares and lozenges.

Evaluate the result:

 Lighten Hair: easy way

We get very harmonious coloring that looks natural and at the same time effectively.

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Author: Julia Gnedina