Summer Hairstyles: Makes Waves
 Our site is now is an interesting poll: What kind of hair do you want? And what happens? Incredibly, wavy and curly hair - almost half of the respondents desire !!! Wow! But the girl with curly curls constantly write and complain that care is very complex, confused and hair do not look quite neat ... Despite these difficulties, the wave of the hair, many want. And the summer - it's time to try to "make waves" in the hair, regardless of length.

And do not go on such a crucial step as the perm, curling even offer to put aside. No harm to hair and slight wave awaits you not only for your boat hull, but also on the hair.

The easiest and proven by many generations of a way to make waves in the hair - this, of course, Spit .

- Curling braids takes time, night - the most suitable.
- Before the night plait braid, apply to damp hair styling mousse, it will provide a long-term effect of your wave.
- Curling braids, not only does not hurt the hair, but on the contrary, helps to protect them from damage, which is possible if the tossing and turning in his sleep, and did not give her hair awry.
- If you want to have a larger volume and more intense wave, then you need to make a few braids and tighter. Conversely, the less tightened braid, the more smooth and large waves.

 Summer Hairstyles: Makes Waves

- After braids braided again apply some styling mousse.
- Better weave wet hair instead of wet. First, wet are more prone to damage (broken, stretched, fall). Second, too wet hair can not dry out in the morning. So before you weave braids for the night, remove excess moisture - a hair dryer or towel.
- Hair is not all dry evenly, but if some strands already dry - do not worry, they vberut a moisture from its "neighbors", a wet strands, and on a mousse.
- In the morning no combs. All you will need - is to spread the strands with your fingers and sprinkle with a little hair spray styling average fixation.
- The most difficult thing to braids perm - volume at the roots, after a dream he and CBS can be lost. For this morning, lift the hair at the roots Styling Spray.
- There remains another question: what to do with a bang, if you have it. Special urban chic - smooth bangs and waves. If you hurry, you can fix the stylish bangs hairpin, and you can use the tongs and give bang the same wave as the rest of the hair.

 Summer Hairstyles: Makes Waves

- If you zapletete French braid at night, the waves are weaker and natural.
- If you need an intense wave, do 6-8 braids.
- Interesting wave happens if done four plaits framing face two French braids, and right from the back of the head - the usual two.

 Summer Hairstyles: Makes Waves

- The ends of the need to fix the rubber bands. But if you want to have a good curl at the tips, then sprinkle curl mousse, then screw the end of each braid one curlers.
- If in the morning you see that too overzealous and waves more intense than expected, then fix her hair is not difficult. Walk your hands are wet hair and dry naturally. Under his weight a little hair straight, and the wave will be smoother and more natural.
- Special chic give ottenochnyj hairspray, if you have any.

Another way to absolutely harmless waving - beam .
- After washing your hair and dry them with a towel.
- Comb with wide comb teeth and sparse, apply styling mousse.
- Tighten the knot of hair, it may be a bundle packed up. Secure the rubber band. Some strands loosen.
- Next, dry naturally, or do at night, let your hair dry. In the morning, straighten the beam, do not comb the hair, and simply sprinkle nail styling.
- You can make a few small beams instead of one large, it will give more cool curls.

Owners Short hair   also like a natural wave. Pigtails, of course, they do not braid. But this does not mean that there is no way for them to secure a wave. This will help us hairpins.

- On damp hair, apply styling mousse.
- Next, take a little gel and spread it with thick teeth comb through his hair.
- Now we take the pins and fix the short flagella, or curls. It takes creativity and experimentation kidney.
- Hair clips can create a hairstyle a la 1940s, smooth hair just caught in several places and the Invisibles "ripple" is ready.

 Summer Hairstyles: Makes Waves

Author: Olga Larsen