Make-up: fix bugs
 Beauty-crash are even the stars of the first magnitude. It flowed Lipstick, Mascara swam, too much powder, foundation, or very little ... What to do? The main thing - do not panic and learn to correct mistakes. Our tips will help.

What if the lipstick is too bright / too dark?

Neutralize dark lipstick can use the shadows. Shade shadows nude lip surface (pre-blot excess lipstick with a napkin). Sometimes it is enough. But if you want to give a different color - from top to apply a different shade of lipstick.

What to do if the makeup has become dim, I began to melt?

Use a spray with thermal water or any other spray water (from Aveeno, Vichy, Mac, Evian), can micellar water. This is the refresh makeup. This technique will help quickly. Once the water is dry, you can re-apply cosmetics - again apply lipstick, mascara, blush.

 Make-up: fix bugs

What if the foundation is too dark (or too light)?

The solution is very simple - powder. If the tone is too dark - the light powder powder. If the tone has turned light - take the powder bronzer or darker, and face powder on the perimeter and in the shadow areas.

Makeup will be too heavy!

Dampen the sponge with water, which you applied foundation and dab the face. This will facilitate and even lighten the tone. If the face has a layer of powder, the spray water on the face (in spray) and only thereafter proceed sponge. Do not use a sponge to dry, it will give marks, stains and irregularities only after splashing water.

 Make-up: fix bugs

What if someone from girlfriends kissed me, leaving a trace of lipstick on his face?

For these things fit blotting paper. Just dab the stain, then apply a drop equalizer to equalize the tone.

Mascara lies thick layer, with the effect of "spider legs" what to do?

Soak a cotton swab in the means for removing eye make-up and gently remove the excess ink from the cilia, which formed lumps. Then apply mascara on these cilia.

 Make-up: fix bugs

At the last moment before an important meeting broke nail polish!

If you have an important meeting, date, etc., always take it with a bottle of nail polish the desired shade, as well as the top coat-drying. Feel free to apply colored nail right on the place of cleavage. Do not worry, there are irregularities. All will look perfect if you apply the top one or two coats of clear gloss top coat. Lac-drying - the best solution, because it dries quickly and goes exactly once, giving luster.

What if the nail is broken?

Do not worry! If the varnish is not contrast, the solution may be very simple. Just spilite broken nail without removing nail polish (with nail varnish even better opilivaem). You do not even need a new coat of varnish if you hurry, you can not update the coverage.

 Make-up: fix bugs

What a manicure is the fastest, if not no time for nails?

The fastest way to make your nails manicured - skip filing and cuticle care and apply only one layer of color nude and one top-gloss finish. If you do not have time, just apply the oil to the cuticle to the nail plate and cuticles, nails will look fresh and well-groomed.

What if tanning too dark?

Try aggressive exfoliant, and then take a hot bath. It also relaxes the skin, and helps to get rid of bugs tanning.

Tint like tanning, but there were stripes and spots!

Missing parts of the skin, as well as spots and stripes is easy to fix, if the means to re-apply. Please distribute to the place where there is a bright spot, and then spread around the periphery. You can try to ease the layer of tanning using aggressive exfoliation, or wiping the skin of lemon pulp.

 Make-up: fix bugs

What if the day of the event responsible jumped a pimple?

Apply ice. The cold will help reduce inflammation and swelling. Leave on ice for 10 minutes, then repeat every 2-3 hours. You can apply cream with cortisone creams and ointments are specifically designed to get rid of pimples fast. Do not squeeze a pimple before a date or a wedding, or even a good concealer will not hide the problem, the wound will ooze and bleed.

What if awoke with swollen eyes?

Apply a very cold compress to help reduce swelling. It can be put on eyelids bag of frozen peas and keep 10 minutes. Repeat every hour. Another technique - hold a spoon in the refrigerator and apply it around the eyes. Then make a small ring finger massage around the eyes with any of the gel to the skin is not shifted and slid a finger on it. Movement should be circular, light. Massage stimulates the flow of fluid from the area around the eyes.

What if I'm sweating with excitement on dates and important meetings?

Yes, excitement to nothing spoils the makeup and sweat clothes, deprived of self-confidence. But there is a solution. First, do not drink hot drinks about five hours before the date or important event. Avoid hot coffee or tea in the morning and also during the event. Immediately prior to the meeting date or guests give yourself 10 minutes of absolute rest. Sit in silence and focus on your breathing. It's good calms. It is better to stay in a cool place to get rid of blush and reduce body temperature because of the excitement.

How can you quickly make teeth whiter?

Good to have a strip of stickers that are just a few minutes. Enough to put them on the front teeth, hold a minute and remove. The system updates the enamel with a brush is also nice. And then there are the new glosses from Bourjois, two-sided - one side shiny, the other - the brush to lighten the enamel (Bourjois Smile Enhancing Gloss). These glosses are proven, women customers brand noted that this pair is working very effectively.

 Make-up: fix bugs

What if got lipstick on your teeth, or stuck pieces of food?

Carry a tiny mirror to monitor the situation. Lipstick can be wiped with a cloth napkin and a finger. Lipstick is not out simply by rinsing or chewing gum. But the pieces of food can be removed only by using a mouthwash or dental floss. To do this follow the dressing room.
Author: Julia Shestakova