Summer - time natural makeup
 The most suitable make-up for summer days - natural. This style is in vogue for a long time. But every year brings something new to the technique of natural meykapa. How to achieve a natural and fresh make-up this season?

Step 1. Key stage - Skin Care

Clean and moisturized skin - one of your benefits on the way to a natural make-up. Most often enough twice a day to clean the skin, twice a week, exfoliate and moisturize every day (during the day - with the help of daily moisturizer night - using serum or night means).

Step 2: Smooth skin irregularities

Smooth skin will help to make the primer, it conceals large pores and even smoothes out wrinkles. To do this, use a mineral primer. More good primer and improves skin tone.

 Summer - time natural makeup

  Primer Bourjois Flower Perfection Primer (before and after)

Step 3. Proper foundation

You still do not know which is better - tinted moisturizer or foundation? Many people mistakenly believe that natural makeup need only translucent cream. In fact, such a choice. If you have dry skin - then try tinted moisturizer as your skin should be well hydrated. If the skin is problematic, then use concealer with a shiny finish, it will give the skin a perfect view.

 Summer - time natural makeup

  Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer

You can also mix your foundation with a daily moisturizer, if you feel that you need extra moisture. For summer makeup is best to use the formula labeled Oil-Free (on oil-free basis), they are lightweight, translucent, lay down a thin layer and does not clog pores.

Step 4. Less powder

Leather is never brushed! Therefore, putting a large amount of powder in the physical make-up is not necessary. The owner of a dry and normal skin this step with powder can skip altogether. But those who have oily skin, and if the skin during the day tends to become oily and strongly shine - in this case can be a little face powder. But only in those places where the skin begins to shine. Typically, this is the T-zone (horizontal bar on the forehead and vertical on the nose and chin).

 Summer - time natural makeup

  L'Oreal Paris True Match Super Blendable Powder

A better option for summer days and natural make-up - blotting paper to remove excess sebum. Then the powder is not necessary.

Step 5. illuminates corrector

Natural make-up does require a flawless skin. Therefore, more attention is paid to skin tone, its flatness and smoothness. Concealer can help in this. Dark circles under the eyes is correct concealer that is one shade lighter than your own skin tone.

 Summer - time natural makeup

  MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

If the concealer looks like a patch, mix a drop equalizer foundation. Apply with a brush on the spot or spots, then shaded edge of a stroke.

Step 6. Cream shadows

Use cream eye shadow if you want to achieve a natural result. Cream product creates a fresh, dewy look to the skin. It imitates the natural texture of the skin, without any visible traces of makeup. Apply the cream shadows with your fingers or a brush. But the most important thing for a natural make-up - carefully shade shadow. So thoroughly that it was impossible to tell where it ends and begins the color of your own skin tone.

 Summer - time natural makeup

  Shadow Revlon Beyond Natural Cream To Powder Eye Shadow in natural shades

Step 7. Cream Blush

On the apples of your cheeks should apply cream blush. Crumbly will not look natural, and especially if they have a glittering particles. A cream will give your skin moisturized and natural look. And do not be afraid of bright colors. At neutral make-up lips and eyes bright blush will be significantly refreshed face. Make-up artists call this effect "after the 10-minute run."

 Summer - time natural makeup

  Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush

Step 8: A bet on a natural glow!

Bronzer - a great way to give a person energy and brightness. Apply bronzing powder along the apples of the cheeks, chin and nose. Avoid shimmering bronzers because they emphasize wrinkles and more suitable for evening or sexual makeup.

 Summer - time natural makeup

Step 9. The soft lip color

Choose colors that are close to your natural lip tone. Use fingertips to put color on the lips. Then blot with a cloth, it will eliminate the surplus product. The perfect solution - toning lip balms. They fit well, look natural and caring for the lips.

 Summer - time natural makeup

  Clinique Chubby Stick, moisturizing tinted lip balm in stick
Author: Vasilisa Cousin