Tonalnik for the summer: we need it? And if you want, what?
 If you do not use the summer foundation, the reasons for this may be several:
- You are so perfect skin, there is simply no need to use tonal resources;
- You do not know how to apply them correctly;
- Your favorite tonalnik, well-established in other weather conditions are not suitable for the summer heat.
In principle, you can certainly spend a few months and without foundation, because the treated half a century ago, women without this relatively new means of decorative cosmetics. You can do, but why ..?

Council to abandon the summer heat on the makeup, and including the tonal resources, in our time a bit old. Modern means of make-up, have in mind the best examples, it is suitable for use ", and in the heat and in the cold and bad weather." They "do not flow" does not melt, does not clog pores, but on the contrary perform many protective functions - cherish our skin from the sun, dust, dry air, etc. And of course an excellent job with its intended purpose - to improve the appearance, emphasize the beauty and conceal flaws ...

Foundations of our days have gone very far ahead of the first-born of the family, cream Pan-Cake, created by Max Factor in 1936, and was originally intended for makeup actors. And if the first tone means really is not very suited for use in sultry summer, that is to say about modern high-quality waterproof light creams, BB creams, SS-cream, well, not.

 Tonalnik for the summer: we need it? And if you want, what?
  Tonalnik for the summer: we need it? And if you want, what?

The right choice - the key to success!

If you are not going to give up on the summer of makeup, then without a good makeup base you can not do, it depends on its choice of how secure and how long he will stay. Choose a few, but it is important that this tool was an easy texture, UV-filters and a sufficient degree of sun protection (SPF), free of oil ( oil free ) Was resistant.

Well proven creams based on silicone: Silicone is well smooths the surface of the skin, making it supple and tender at the same time silicones are environmentally friendly and fairly harmless substances. Tone cream with silicone soft, not sticky, waterproof. Today silicone tonal funds have virtually every brand of makeup: the famous and expensive such as representatives of professional French cosmetics - Make-up Atelier   and MUFE (Make Up For Ever) And marks in the lower class, such as Max Factor .

For the summer heat is great moisturizing waterproof tone fluid Atelier   - It is resistant to moisture and heat, it has a huge color palette. True sun protection factor is relatively low (SPF6), but, nevertheless, this protection enough for walking in diffused sunlight and reflective pigments provide the effect of "soft focus", tone fluid evenly rests on the skin, hides its minor flaws .

 Tonalnik for the summer: we need it? And if you want, what?

Quite a lot of fans and a tonal framework of De Klie   (Korea) - a high-tech foundation with a silicone-based factor sun protection SPF 7. In it harmoniously combines different types of silicones, biologically active substances and waxes, so it has excellent moisturizing and anti-inflammatory action. The texture of a cream thin, flexible, translucent promotes good alignment of the surface of the skin. Pigments coated with silicone coating, not in contact with the skin, so the cream does not change its color by oxidation.

 Tonalnik for the summer: we need it? And if you want, what?

A good choice for the summer - a waterproof concealer NANNIC Sublime'teint   ("Noble tone" on Nannic ). It's almost a perfect tonal base, instantly absorbed into the skin and lasts all day, allowing the skin to breathe and does not cause rashes, 100% water resistant, prevents perspiration, leaves no residue on clothes.

Adapt the Color   from Max Factor   - Light, delicate, rather than an emulsion cream - not shiny, it lays down exactly, smoothes and evens out the natural color of the skin.

You can mention the good word foundation True Color   from Divage - Its light translucent texture hides minor flaws and blemishes, and even relieves redness and irritation of the skin, has a soothing and calming properties, does not clog pores and is suitable for all skin types.

For young skin can be recommended to the tonal resources antibacterial effect . How, for example, anti-bacterial cream with an SPF of 15-tone effect Clarifying Cover SPF 15 (Avon) - He has a soft texture and is easily absorbed, does not contain fats and oils, a special formula allows you to control the allocation of fat of the skin, tightens pores and helps to maintain a normal level of hydration. Chamomile extract, which is part of a cream and has an antibacterial and soothing effect, reduces or prevents skin irritation, and aloe - intensely moisturizes the skin, has anti-inflammatory and healing effect, stimulates local immunity.

 Tonalnik for the summer: we need it? And if you want, what?

The only disadvantage of light toning agents is that they are not sufficiently dense to mask imperfections of the skin. In this case it is necessary to use additional corrective means (masking pencils, markers, etc.).

BB or CC - that is the question?

A worthy replacement for the traditional creams have become in recent years, so-called BB Cream (Blemish Balm Cream) - multifunctional agents working in many directions. BB cream combines the quality of a therapeutic agent, and's Skin Care foundation, it is perfectly mattes the skin, hides flaws, evens skin tone, protects it from the sun and takes care, depending on the drug. With regular use of these creams fade spots, wrinkles, improves complexion - the skin is close to perfect!

An example of a good BB cream can serve as a waterproof summer BB Cream Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream SPF50   (South Korea). It contains pearl powder and mineral ingredients to maintain healthy skin and give it a radiant appearance and a high sun protection factor SPF50 +, reliably protecting it from sunlight active.

It would seem that could be better BB   skin cream? But now there are new creams with a promising abbreviation SS . Manufacturers assure that compared to BB cream, this new generation of tonal means a light structure, improved moisturizing formula, they are better adjusted to the native skin tone. CC cream stands for Color Control Cream or Complete Correction Cream - cream color control - cream for complete correction.

No significant difference in the composition of these funds is not, except that the SS creams contain more moisturizers, more convenient and easy for application and visually look on his face even more natural. Although, of course, there is the result of a greater extent it depends on the brand of cream than from a BB or CC it belongs.

By the way, the same firm Etude House With a water-resistant BB creams which we have already met, and the new offers Etude House CC Cream . In the words of the manufacturer may even use BB cream on top of CC cream, if you want to make a light and airy, which is provided by the SS cream, slightly strengthened.

 Tonalnik for the summer: we need it? And if you want, what?

A worthy representative of CC tools that is perfect for summer - a powerful moisturizing concealer skin tone Clinique Superdefense CC Cream SPF 30 . Optical particle lavender cream allow to adapt to any skin tone, making the complexion is healthy and radiant. New complex contains antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and has a high degree of protection from the sun - SPF 30 and filters UVA / UVB.

Also noteworthy is the new world of BB-products from Guerlain especially for the summer, Guerlain BB creme Lingerie De Peau SPF 30 According to the manufacturer, "invisible and melting multipurpose tool for makeup." This means, apart from hyaluronic acid, silk and linen, and contains a mysterious set of BIO-fusion-micro-mesh, which provides a perfect complexion quickly and reliably, and of course the special mineral pigments.

 Tonalnik for the summer: we need it? And if you want, what?

In general, the conclusion can be drawn one - there is no reason to abandon the tonal resources just because it is summer. Even, on the contrary, these funds will help us to endure the heat and dryness of the air without sacrificing beauty.

Lightweight foundation - exactly what you need in the summer heat, it will hide the small defects of the skin, moisturize it, protect against greasy and from solar radiation. Foundation of a well-established company will not be visible on the face and does not cause a feeling of tightness and discomfort, but of course it needs to be and to select individually according to the characteristics of the skin.
Author: Olga Travleeva