I'm pregnant, it is temporary ... But what to wear?
 Learn about pregnancy - a great happiness! So I wonder every day to experience some new sensations state! With special attention start to buy food, cosmetics, household chemicals. But after the first few months you realize that manufacturers of cosmetics and clothing exploit our desire to have the best pregnancy.

Only nine months, more than half of them know about the pregnancy only you and your entourage. That is, your stomach really visible on the strength of five months. And during these five months, yielding to advertising slogans and opinions of girls turn to the antenatal clinic, some are starting to buy new collections of fashion brands for pregnant women. And then realize that pregnancy has turned into buying completely unnecessary things.

No, we will not repeat the mistakes of those who after the birth does not know to whom to distribute or sell the stuff that did not have to wear even once. We look at the dressing room for a fresh look pregnant. And see that much for a happy pregnancy, we already have.

Sexy girl, instead of shapeless matryoshka
Dresses with floral prints in vogue recently. Many of them bought. Long, short, midi. With flying silhouette and made of light natural fabrics. Really now on have to give up your favorite dress and wear the hated denim overalls for pregnant women?

This is one of the major errors in the position of women - wear something shapeless and hide the belly. I would like to hide it completely fails. On the contrary, in a robe you will look very awkward. But pregnancy does not mean that you have ceased to be a pretty woman.

 I'm pregnant, it is temporary ... But what to wear?

In summer, you can build your wardrobe around this pregnant dress. After birth, it is useful to you, too, by the way. Or maybe already served before pregnancy. Once the skirt starts to sit up front too, it is better to start to wear leggings. Here, I advise them to buy in the store for pregnant women. Because they sell good comfortable model that will not put pressure on the tummy.

And also do not forget the strap or belt. It can bind completely different. You can directly under the breast, thus accentuating the incredibly sexy in this period of a woman's breasts. And you can freely to tie at the waist (or rather, where before there was a waist). But prisobirat dress on a figure sure to! Then you will emphasize the pleasant twists and get rid of the kind of immense Hippo.

Shopping for pregnant women: yes or no?
You do not find that special clothing for pregnant women is often not up to date, sometimes boring and certainly very expensive? I'm making this discovery, I decided that there I will not dress up. I want to be a dynamic and modern future mother, not her aunt, Motya in pajamas. Somehow, in stores for pregnant very few clothes to work, and in fact many of us continue to work, or simply used to the business style.

Just get round these shops, however, does not advise. What you can see there: leggings, jeans, underwear, tights. Perhaps, after all. The rest remains the same fashionistas and go to your favorite shops and boutiques. Someone walked up to where the pregnancy? Zara, H & M, Topshop, Diesel ... There and keep walking! In your favorite store, we will only have to adjust themselves size.

 I'm pregnant, it is temporary ... But what to wear?
If you liked before pregnancy wear shoes with thick soles and costume designer, it is not necessary to change yourself. Just buy at the store of your favorite brand right maxi dress. A black color is very pregnant - do not believe superstitious grandmothers!

I, being pregnant, went around a lot of shops for pregnant women. I found that many fashion brands have a line for pregnant women. Their main drawback - it is, of course, price. But if we talk about brands available, then there is not all, you can buy. Only seven months, I realized that my ordinary things is not enough. I have found that, for example, the line for pregnant women from H & M very good everything is put down: pants, leggings. But the tops I did not like. Not Yet no shirt, no top. At Gap Maternity dresses are good, everything else is also not approached. This is me to write that we should not give in to someone else's opinion, that there is something or there is some good clothes for expectant mothers.

In addition, inspection of my shop for pregnant women found that the reason there are so many models for sale are not made of natural fabrics. And this is another argument in favor of a reasonable choice, not blindly following some common stereotypes. Clothes made of 100% natural fabrics, I have not found in stores for pregnant women, unfortunately.

 I'm pregnant, it is temporary ... But what to wear?
This girl is only pants from the store for pregnant women. T-shirts, shoes and bags - "from a past life."

Cushioning - wear!
And especially in late pregnancy! Tight clothes, first, creates a feeling of comfort and security, which is always like pregnant. And secondly, you will not look so massive.

I asked many women whose pregnancy is coming to an end, and almost all answered me that the stomach was getting bigger, the more joyful was his show. It turns out, is not one I am.

 I'm pregnant, it is temporary ... But what to wear?
Fitting dress looks very nice, and the girl at the 8th month is quite petite and graceful. By the way, the dress - from an ordinary store, not from the store for pregnant women.

I hope this material will help you to get rid of my grandmother and my mother's ideas about clothes for pregnant women. "Yes, but I really want to pamper yourself! "- You might say. So indulge! Just spend a large part of the sum allocated for the clothes in your favorite store favorite brand. This will bring more positive emotions and good than sorry, you can not afford to let something special department for expectant mothers.

Thank you girls, who have agreed to demonstrate his pregnant style.
Author: Julia Shestakova