Time turbulent experiments. Carnival-style beach Brazil
 The last time we talked about that right now, at the height of beach season, you can afford something new and different. And if you crave the next experiments and achievements - it's time to get acquainted with the masterpieces of Brazilian designers. Especially they like to surprise the world of color paints and incredible achievements in the field of high fashion.

The historical aspect of origin of Brazilian fashion-culture
In many cases, when you create a new image of the stylists recommend to learn the history of the development of certain trends. Talking about the Brazilian style, and we'll do it.

Fashion itself is just a display of the character of the nation. So what is it - the true nature of the Brazilian? Chances are bright, energetic and bold, as the appearance of the colorful metropolis of Rio de Janeiro ...

 Time turbulent experiments. Carnival-style beach Brazil

By the way, the city is located in an area where some centuries ago there were jungle. That is, the first settlers had to first "hack" the way, and then to erect the building. Therefore, the current appearance of the Rio - clear evidence of persistence and determination Brazilians.

... And the same open and cheerful, as the annual Brazilian carnivals.

And anyone who has ever been at the carnival in Brazil, has an idea about the features of the fashion industry in the country.

 Time turbulent experiments. Carnival-style beach Brazil

So, at the heart of the Brazilian style - candor, sexuality, originality and most importantly - extremely bright colors and shades.

By the way, at the heart of the Brazilian Carnival traditions are ritual African dances. After all, with a mass resettlement of inhabitants of the African continent on the territory of this South American country began mixing traditions and cultures. Perhaps that is why in our time, African and Brazilian fashion-industry have common features.

Traditional style exit to the beach
A well-known former singer and designer Victoria Beckham recommended to select an ensemble, starting with underwear. But if you set a goal this summer to look like a bright and unpredictable Brazilian - begin to form wardrobe with matching bathing suit.

Bearing in mind that the essence of Brazilian beachwear is that all the details (from swimsuit to accessories) emphasize the dignity of the figure, lovely bronze tan, allowing every girl feel like the queen of the beach.

 Time turbulent experiments. Carnival-style beach Brazil
   Therefore, the famous Brazilian designers from year to year, show and display to the world market new models of swimwear, complementing their original features.

However, guests Fashion Week Summer 2012, which took place in Sao Paulo, make sure that the current beach fashion is returning to its roots. Regaining popularity closed and solid beach shorts suits (in particular, swimwear, overalls), large floral tops, which are harmoniously combined with colorful bikini. By the way, today you can easily afford retro bikini with a raised top.

 Time turbulent experiments. Carnival-style beach Brazil

At the same time, many ladies have been able to appreciate the benefits of deep, frank neckline. After all, open cuts contribute even tan and emphasize the charm of a slim figure.

 Time turbulent experiments. Carnival-style beach Brazil

The role of beach accessories in the formation of a true Brazilian style
So, this summer you can feel free to wear a bathing suit covered with extravagant floral motifs, light dress cape and begin the conquest of the urban jungle and luxurious beach resort. However, it feels like a real Amazon impossible without massive Brazilian accessories. Emphasize bold image will help Brazilian earrings and bracelet of wood or metal.

Last season, designers Annamete Markvad and Birt Markvad based on historical data of the colonial past of Brazil, presented the refined collection of women's jewelery under the brand Pilgrim. This collection combines wonderfully natural affection, carnival splendor and motives of wild Africa. In addition, it displays color American jungle, warm pastel, soft gold and silver cold greatness.

 Time turbulent experiments. Carnival-style beach Brazil

Decorations like these will look harmonious and colorful swimwear, and lace, and with a light blouse.

Additionally, consistently growing demand for jewelry Brazilian production of faceted gemstones and non-ferrous metals. It is these materials, according to psychologists, transmit sensuality and dynamics of this hot country.

But to experience the true spirit of Brazil will enable unique jewelry made of natural materials that are created only on the South American continent. For example, you will surely feel the warmth of tropical plants with seeds acai bracelet and mini coconut.

 Time turbulent experiments. Carnival-style beach Brazil

  ... And hit the all-new ear rings feathers.

 Time turbulent experiments. Carnival-style beach Brazil

I should add that among the tourists in Brazil popular so called Charm Bracelet woven fabric, which are a kind of symbol of happiness here.

By combining and changing the accessories listed, you will gradually enter into the new role and understand the true nature of the Brazilians.

 Time turbulent experiments. Carnival-style beach Brazil
 For more details of image
However, the formation of a new style, of course, should not be solely the problem of choosing a swimsuit and jewelry. Therefore it is necessary to dwell on the more serious things. Moreover, the fashion industry in Brazil is at a high level of development.

For example, many people like the traditional Brazilian daring outfits in cowboy style, which provide for maximum ease and comfort.

However, the Brazilian designers offer a real carnival dresses and suits that are valued among the women of high society.

 Time turbulent experiments. Carnival-style beach Brazil
In the photo - clothes from the collection of Victor Dzenka presented at the fashion week in Rio de Janeiro.

Beautifully complement such traditional dresses will help Brazilian summer shoes - sandals or colorful sandals that every day will give a sense of celebration.

 Time turbulent experiments. Carnival-style beach Brazil

Thus, the true Brazilian style - is, above all, a colorful display of carnival fashion, tranquility and uniqueness of the South American prairies and open, and wayward Brazilian character. And to look at Brazilian - you need to start to adapt to the Brazilian way of thinking, and that is the time to take the bold and unabashed.
Author: Alla Pilipenko