Trendy styles urban "Amazons"
 Do you know what was the secret of the ancient power of the Amazon? Probably, they are guided by the inner confidence and incentive to remain victorious. The woman of the 21st century is often necessary to transform into the role of a true "Amazons." After all, today we have to come every day in an invisible struggle (for a place in society for a prestigious job for a better fate).

At the same time urban women who are faced with the constant competition, particularly need to be able to win. A small victory in this case can be called the employment of properly conducted business negotiations, to build a happy family. After all, in all spheres of life we ​​are waiting for the mass of obstacles and difficulties.

I propose to discuss the choice of the style of clothing for the "battles" and "victory."

Unisex - style without barriers
Since that time, both in society there was a revaluation of values ​​and roles in the hearts of many of the fair half lives a dream to look bold and courageous. Today, armed with some of the details, which were originally considered to be masculine, you will attain self that can overcome the most difficult obstacles.

 Trendy styles urban "Amazons"

These elements, in particular, include a tie-flared pants, jeans, denim jackets, jumpers. However, this style - a multi-faceted and is manifested in different directions - street fashion, the protest spirit clothes. It can also be classical or globalist manifestation.

But the most serious form of expression of the strength and eccentricity can be this kind of unisex as the military.

 Trendy styles urban "Amazons"

The history of the military-fashion goes back to the years of the First World War, when the camouflage pattern and rough finish used for security purposes. However, in times of peace, this style started to improve, learn new forms and varieties. The most perfect manifestation of the military in a modern interpretation has been the emergence of innovative and original design stroke - high-Military.

In working towards the modernization of camouflage clothing, the world's leading designers gradually began creating delicate feminine dresses, tunics, jackets and skirts with bright mottled coloring.

An additional nuance in the creation of such an unusual way can serve as a simple rectangular bag, accessories with rough texture, shoes and perfume uniseksualny.

 Trendy styles urban "Amazons"

Universal solutions for business women
But the image of a militant is not for everyone. And in some cases (such as when the device into a large solid company) it is completely irrelevant. And many of today's "Amazon" resorted to along with a military nature only occasionally.

At the same time in the wardrobe of every one of us should be clothes designed for special and unforeseen circumstances. This secret "trump card" - a versatile classic business suit.

 Trendy styles urban "Amazons"

The popularity of this form of clothes can be explained by the fact that the dress code in many large organizations put forward specific requirements. And the purchase of a special office clothes has become a basic condition for achieving career heights.

Choosing the right business form is strictly monotone style and color makes its possessor confident internally and externally. At the same time, it helps to focus on the essentials.

And despite the fact that a female boss in most cases the inherent male traits, we still need to know how to accentuate femininity and originality. Therefore, when choosing a business suit is recommended to pay attention to models that include a jacket and skirt.

But for serious negotiations is also important skill to pick up additional accessories. So, always worth remembering that an overabundance of bright and flashy jewelry can play a negative role, if you are keen to stress their professional quality.

But in general, the selection of modern jewelry lionesses who aspire to look successful today, it must be remembered about the intellectual approach (based on - the principle of harmonious combination of all components of the new style and the minor details).

 Trendy styles urban "Amazons"

Pins, brooches, watches and rings should emphasize overall style of the clothes and hairstyles. But if in your way they play the role of glamorous trinkets, others will be much more difficult to assess your taste and business partners - the level of professionalism.

Familiar things in exotic incarnation
So, we figured out that help us feel confident and victorious advance in employment. But we, fearless and resolute "Amazons", of course, sometimes you want to just be yourself and relax from the tensions and hassles.

Forget about the conventions and comfortable to hold weekend to help a simple and comfortable style, which originated from the traditions of Africa and the Wild West fashion trends. This is - a modern manifestation of Safari.

 Trendy styles urban "Amazons"

It would seem that such exceptional items of clothing like a wide shorts and a shirt or jacket monochrome look too easy in the coloring style metropolis. But outside the city, they allow maximum relax and feel like a queen, "prairie".

Crunch bar
But, whatever you may be had today, there are some important details that allow women under any circumstances feel victorious. More precisely, it has long been known techniques of successful socialite:

- The ability to smile sincerely;
- Ability to remain unruffled in different situations;
- Attract and retain talent of the interlocutors attention, keep any conversation.

So, armed with this knowledge, you can learn to freely enter into the role of the Amazon and overcome barriers band "in the same breath."
Author: Alla Pilipenko