Cashmere sweater - must-have for every woman's wardrobe
 Cashmere - ideal for elegant, comfortable and warm at the same time. This weightless hair can feel it a real lady. Coco Chanel must have thought of cashmere items, when she said "Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury."

This winter, with its winds, snow, and at times very low temperatures - it's time to join the luxury.

What is cashmere and why is it so valuable? This fiber is also called the diamond of all wool. Cashmere is produced from a special breed of mountain goat that is born and lives in the Himalayas, at an altitude of several thousand meters above sea level. The climate is extremely harsh - very cold and sparse vegetation. But this goat wool is incredible in its properties - it has a silky texture, almost weightless, but very warm. In ancient times believed that those who wear cashmere to the skin may feel a special sense impressions.

For centuries, cashmere was the privilege of the elite royal houses and estates. This is the most luxurious in the world of hair. Gentle and soft - it can come into contact with the skin and not to irritate her.

 Cashmere sweater - must-have for every woman's wardrobe
   Not surprisingly, cashmere interested in the world's best manufacturers of clothes. Top quality cashmere - light weight and excellent thermal insulation - are popular designers each winter season. Minor flaws in the form of high prices and difficulties to care for such a thing - we are ready to forgive cashmere, because every one of us feels luxurious cashmere!

Stylists say that cashmere sweater should be in every woman's wardrobe. This is one of the basic things. Because wearing it with jeans, casual get an option to run or walk. And in combination with a shiny skirt or trousers we have the option for parties.

Recall cashmere another advantage - it allows to feel comfortable in any weather, even though many of us consider this a purely winter fabric material. Cashmere is not as stuffy and hot as a conventional fleece so cashmere cardigan you warm summer evening, and take comfort in the winter.

 Cashmere sweater - must-have for every woman's wardrobe
 How to choose a cashmere item?

Indeed, it does not miss, and buy quality real thing? First, just run your hand on the jersey. Hand - universal indicator, you will feel the softness, which should give cashmere. Second, note that the quality of things do not fly off small bits of fluff, threads. Note the composition. 100% cashmere - this, of course, ideal for luxury items. However, a mixture of cashmere and silk is also permissible. In this case, the price should be lower than that of pure cashmere items. 100% cashmere sweater costs an average of $ 100, if there are impurities - is a little bit cheaper. Although, of course, at high grades have sweaters and 400, and $ 600.

 Cashmere sweater - must-have for every woman's wardrobe
 Unpainted cashmere is considered more durable and of high quality. It melallicheskie shades and gray. Specialists natural colors are the most sophisticated and show the quality of wool.

From today you can find cashmere completely different things from up cardigan tunic sweater from up top. Woven into cashmere lurex thread and other threads is permissible and not uncommon.

 Cashmere sweater - must-have for every woman's wardrobe
 If you buy 100% cashmere, the label must indicate that a thing of the double strand. Cashmere is a fragile thread, soft, double-ply yarns so warrants.

There is also a test. Put your hand under the cashmere fabric. If a hand-rayed through the wool, it means that the product is not enough in cashmere, and the properties of the material will not have things.

Be sure to remove the item inside out and check that all joints are treated, it will prevent the spread of things.

How to wash cashmere item

- The best way that alternative has not been found - is hand washing. Even despite the fact that modern washing machines offer a sparing mode of washing.

- Before washing, check the thing to pretreat stains. Please check the thing out, and then turn inside out and inspect the underarms, cuffs and gates.

- Remove any pellets. You can use a comb, special tools, or do it manually. Pellets appear on qualitative things during wearing (friction material, such as in the armpits, on the bag of a vehicle seat) rather than during the wash cycle. Therefore, first remove the pellet, then wash, because of the new washing will not appear.

 Cashmere sweater - must-have for every woman's wardrobe
 - Handwash. In cold or tepid water, add a small amount of a special shampoo for cashmere. It is important to use the right product for washing the yarn to preserve the natural oil. Some say that in the absence of special tools suitable mild shampoo. Squeeze cashmere thing is not necessary - it deforms it. Carefully lay the thing in the sink, let the water drain itself. You can easily help your hands, but do not squeeze!

- Drying. Dry cashmere sweater should be also separately. Do not hang up! It is better to do so. Lay a clean, dry towel on it lay cashmere thing. Let the towel will absorb the moisture. Then take a dry towel again and already lay a sweater in a warm room (well, if there is an oven, or some semblance of it, then the warm air comes from the bottom up, and drying is much faster). During the night, the sweater is dry. To iron only steam! Never put dry cashmere on the battery and do not use a hair dryer for drying! It will ruin the delicate wool, make it tough and unpleasant to the touch.

How to store cashmere

- For cashmere disastrous excessive humidity, therefore, to keep a permanent storage of this component, it is best to clean cashmere sweater in a separate paper or plastic bag. Store away from light, dust and moisture.

- Be sure to wash before storing. Any remaining stains can be oxidized, change color and become bait for moths.

- From moth cashmere protect ordinary naphthalene tablets or cedar balls, which are sold in the maintenance department. If your tool of the moth as a spray, do not spray it directly on the cashmere, and do it on paper, you put in a bag with cashmere thing.

 Cashmere sweater - must-have for every woman's wardrobe

A little caveat:

- Do not wear cashmere things too often, no matter how it was nice. Cashmere has the ability to regain shape, so let it "rest".

- Protect cashmere items from the neighborhood with a rough texture: metal, leather. It is better to combine with the pearl cashmere yarn than with a metal necklace. Bags, bracelets, belts and can damage the delicate surface of cashmere.

- Make regular "peeling" product. Remove pellets in time, otherwise the item will no longer have the luxury look.
Author: Julia Shestakova