Forever Young safari style
 If you lead an active lifestyle, love to travel and enjoy the comfort, then your style - a safari!

Exotic and also easily fit into our daily lives colonial style for many years remained a favorite among girls and women. The basis of this style is the tropical uniforms of British soldiers. However, gradually mutating, it is firmly established its position among the fashion-trends, almost without changing its cut and materials: natural fabrics (linen, cotton), which can be easily transferred heat, and natural leather natural palette (khaki, beige, white, ivory, etc.). Since this style of clothing worn by the original explorers and hunters, it implies a relaxed gloss: worn leather wrapped sleeves, easy bruising, etc.

Interesting!   In the late 19th century, the word safari firmly established in English, and later migrated to the rest. In Swahili safari - is the journey. Gradually the meaning of the word changes, acquires a new meaning: the hunt for large animals to elite rest.

 Forever Young safari style
 Safari Jacket

In the 20s of the last century safari - hunting for animals in East Africa - it became very popular and fashionable form of recreation for the class of millionaires. At that time finally formed must-have of this style - safari jacket - a cross between a jacket and a shirt with sleeves that extend just to the elbow. Safari jacket has always had a "military" shoulder straps and multiple patch pockets.

Interesting!   In 1968, Yves Saint Laurent safari style elevated to the rank of a classical style.

Modern style safari

Classic safari suit is characteristic of an elongated jacket with short sleeves and shorts or skirts to the knee of the same length. The modern vision of this style of women is allowed to combine not only shorts and skirts and breeches, trousers, shirts and dresses. A distinctive feature of this style of pants is their tapering, skirts and dresses must be the opposite free breed.

 Forever Young safari style

 Forever Young safari style

Interesting!   Specific details for the safari style: pockets with "branded" a fold in the middle, various valves, epaulettes, Drawstring, a variety of stitching and finishing of leather and multiple straps.

Colonial accessories and shoes

The ideal complement to the colonial costume will shoes with laces made of leather or a combination with a summer materials. If during the time of development of Africa needed a good-quality shoes and comfortable, and of course on the heels it was not, but now everything has changed, and for hunters asphalt jungle is quite acceptable to wear the shoes of tonkovydelannoy skin on small heels. It is also a good solution will be leather sandals on a flat sole and a small heel.

As for accessories, there are appropriate "self-made" African jewelry - pendants made of bone, leather laces, African beads "gris-gris", various amulets and bracelets. Sunglasses better to choose the horn-rimmed glasses or frame colors of the desert and wild jungle. Favorite women watch, too, is in the style and to get a model with a pseudo worn strap or bracelet of ivory.

Bag, not to be beaten out from an image should appear homemade curried, with rough details and lots of rivets and buckles. It is best to give preference to the classic style of shades: beige, white or khaki. Also good complement the ensemble and braided straw handbags and backpacks.

Tip!   On safari suit to complete the image can be put on a soft hat with a wide brim.

For the colonial style typical discreet natural makeup, with a predominance of "earth tones."

Urban Safari

Colonial style so loved the world, including business people because of its convenience and practicality that leading designers have met and developed a sub-genres safari - «urban safari» - adjust the style of a free traveler under the conventions of the business world. Here, too, is dominated by natural materials, nature motifs, simple cut.

 Forever Young safari style

Author: Inna Sedykh