How long to keep things?
 In the era of global economy, many of us are trying to extend the life of most things on a longer period. This is especially true of things that have moved into the category of favorite. It happens that every thing in the wardrobe favorite. Then you have to try to preserve your treasures.

In all need a system, even in the care of their belongings:

Rule №1 . Before we proceed directly to the departure acknowledge their capabilities. If you can not regularly use dry cleaning, then do not buy things marked "Dry clean only" or "Do not erase." Some of these things, of course, normally tolerate gentle wash, but it is a risk. So, before you take the risk, evaluate the state of tissue.

 How long to keep things?
   If you think that the thing stand, again perestrahuytes using special bags for washing. Many washing machines are now equipped with the function of steam, which will freshen things and remove minor contamination.

Rule №2 . Another important aspect of preserving the appearance of things - to dress for the occasion. Agree, if you wear the same thing and a walk with the child, and to work in the store, then very quickly it will turn out things in a rag.

 How long to keep things?
 From this we can draw several conclusions. The first is convenient things should be a lot, and they all have to be diverse. Second, do not go 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the same. Get yourself a rule: to work in one, with the baby for a walk in the other, a holiday home in the third, etc.

Rule №3.   With a wardrobe defined. Next, go to how to store things. There are clothes that feel good on the shoulders, the other is better to put on the shelf. For knitted things are best stored in a folded, as on the shoulders, they are stretched.

 How long to keep things?
 Rule №4.   It is not necessary to wash things often. Frequent washing leads to the fact that the structure of the tissue is destroyed faster. Therefore unnecessarily do not. With white shirts, of course, more difficult, so there should be few. For the rest of the clothing requirements are simple: stains, dirty cuffs and collars - in the wash. The rest - neatly on a hanger. And the rules of personal hygiene, in this case, too, should not be forgotten.

Rule №5.   The simple and understandable to all, but not all follow him. Do not throw or scatter the buttons on the new stuff. Otherwise, then we have a long search for suitable. But the snag is not the only reason. For example, knitwear buttoned quickly loses appearance, if you forget for a long time to sew a button.

Rule №6 . Observe temperature. It is important that things do not pull, did not sit down, do not shed, etc. For stubborn dirt, use or steaming, or special detergents.

Rule №7.   Before you remove the seasonal thing, do not be lazy to wash, ironed and neatly folded them. Dirt and other unpleasant things, long left on the clothes, it will spoil quickly.

Rule №8.   Do not dry things in the sun. If a balcony overlooking the sunny side, then hang it blinds. Or post a thing when the sun changes direction. The fact is that prolonged exposure to the sun will cause the things that will burn the paint and white things turn yellow.

Rule №9.   It is not necessary for a long time to keep things in plastic bags. For evening dresses and suits use specific cases or cotton pillowcases.

Rule №10.   Do not use wire hangers. Since they only spoil the appearance of things.

Rule №11.   Try not to get into the spirits and toilet water on the cloth. They contain alcohol leaves stains and makes the fabric less bright. By the way, this also applies to deodorant. Apply to the skin, allow to dry, and then get dressed.

Rule №11.   If you value your thing, do not dry it and iron next to a radiator. Just hang it on a hanger, and as close as possible to the ceiling. Warm air tends to rise, so the top of the item to dry quickly enough.

Rule №12.   As for the special regimes wash. Let's start with underwear, etc. Wash it should be in special bags (if hands laziness) and the delicate washing. Also bags and knitwear are, since they can simply spinning stretch. Jeans should be washed previously turned inside out.

So much for the clothes. But not only the clothing needs care. Do not forget about the shoes :

- In stores, a host of resources for the care of footwear from suede to shampoos for funds to help protect it from the salt.

- If the shoes can be washed, it should be washed periodically, especially in winter, when the snow is sprinkled with various reagents, as falling on the shoes, they make the skin tighter. As a result, microcracks appear walk, salt getting there, eating away the skin and results in deteriorating shoes. Therefore, wash all the dirt and dust from the street it is necessary. You can even gentle detergent such as baby shampoo or anything like that.

- Even if you can not wash the shoes, the salt stains can be treated with a special tool or costly, or soapy water and a soft brush. Some experts suggest waiting until footwear is dry, and then treat it with a damp cloth.

For each type of footwear is definitely a way to care and nuances. The main thing to remember that today is better to spend a little time to care for their own stuff than to a few thousand new ones.
Author: Vera Karabutova