How to choose a vintage dress: a quick guide
 The world of fashion remains dominated by vintage fever. Here you are leaning to the temptation, they decided to finally try a vintage dress. Where to begin? We bring you a brief guide for the "Dummies".

Here are ten simple rules:

1.   Choose not only a beautiful dress, and stylish and reflect the spirit of his age - is the most important rule. In other words, look for the dress, which at the time was in favor with fashionistas.

2.   Where to buy a vintage dress? Visit flea markets and flea markets, look into the second hand, do not miss the sale. A resident megacities luck in the big cities there are shops that specialize in selling vintage clothes.

3.   The presence of the tag with the name of the brand and year of production - a great success. More often have to "read the signs": pay attention to the style, material, color, quality and condition of the dress. Once plunged into the world of vintage things, you will very soon discover all of it yourself.

 How to choose a vintage dress: a quick guide
 4.   Learn to distinguish a vintage dress from plain old. Vilification and hopeless in terms of vintage style dress to submit to the trash without regret.

5.   Internet - a treasure trove of vintage dresses. It is enough to drive a query in the search box "buy vintage dress" and a moment later the system will give thousands of links, can only choose. Usually, wishing to sell vintage dress spread on forums online your ads, as well as photographs and a detailed description.
If you live with the seller of vintage in the same city, we can easily arrange an appointment to try on the dress, and even bargain. If the seller lives in another city, then the price will have to dress to add the cost of postage. When you receive a welcome parcel is likely to be disappointed, or simply dress can not fit on the size. Do not forget about the risk of running into online scams that prey on amateurs vintage.

6.   Is it possible to save money when buying? Expenses for the purchase of vintage dresses can be avoided altogether: Explore the mezzanine, and attics in your own home, try on outfits carefully stored grandmother or mother. Why not address such a request to the familiar? For some, it's just an old dress, which for several years to get rid of the hand is not raised, and for the ladies - a great option to replenish the wardrobe.

 How to choose a vintage dress: a quick guide
 7.   Buying vintage dress, clearly requires repair, evaluate your financial capacity. Sometimes the repair cost several times the price paid for the dress itself. If detached a button (try to find vintage) or dispersed seam is quite possible to cope on their own, then serious repairs are best left to professionals for basic proficiency thread and needle may not be enough.
A small tip for beginners:   Seek professional help in sewing studio or workshop for making theatrical costumes.

8.   Choosing a vintage dress, give preference to that which sits perfectly on your figure, and if specially created for you. Scale modification and adjustment of the figure (not to be confused with the repair, as discussed above) devalues ​​the idea of ​​the vintage.

 How to choose a vintage dress: a quick guide
 9.   Small holes and stubborn stains of unknown origin - not a reason to abandon the purchase. Some of the romantic-minded lady, wearing a vintage dress, trying to imagine its former owner. Imagination draws mysterious stranger: who she was, how she was, who had been her lover ... Who said that clothes should serve the people only to cover nakedness?

10.   The selected so hard vintage dress should not become a "prisoner" of your wardrobe, be sure to wear it: in the feast, and in the world.

eleven.   If you're a fan of retro style and dressed from head to toe in vintage everything, there is a risk to be like a museum piece. Call for help all his taste and sense of proportion in order to avoid it. For example, add a vintage outfit some trendy accessory.
Author: Irina Rukavishnikova