My credo: "Bags is never too much! "
 Personally, I can not leave the house without this, very important for me, the details of the wardrobe.

The fact that the bag - my little stash. It stores these necessary things without which I simply can not imagine their existence: a comb, makeup, wallet, business card holder with discount cards, cell phone, keys, notebook, documents, etc. I think it is not necessary to enumerate further. We will not disclose all the secrets, mindful of the fact that we have to remain a mystery to men.

Handbags - is not only a style, size, shape and color. It can also tell others not only on the social status of its owner, but also the taste and ambitions of women. In addition, thanks to the bag, each of us can be beneficial to emphasize its uniqueness and individuality.

Deciding to become the most fashionable this winter, I began to study the trends of the season and soon realized that I did not have to do anything, since I already am the owner of various fashion victim.

So, what is offered in this season, designers lover bags?

Let's start with the color palette. Preference is given to natural and natural colors: terracotta, yellow, orange, brown, dark brown, ocher, beige, white, black and gray. Another major trend will be the colors of the color under the "zebra" or "Leopard". Moreover, it is imperative that your bag was made in one color. Suffice it to a skillfully selected items and you have the most fashionable!

 My credo: "Bags is never too much! "

Fur and Leather
You suddenly wanted to become soft, white and fluffy? To achieve this, you only need to buy a new bag of fur. In addition, it is not necessary to choose a fully fur bag, it will be enough and that, if it is complemented by only a few fur details.

 My credo: "Bags is never too much! "
Chanel Winter-2010/2011

Remember the protagonist of the film "Romancing the Stone" and the wonderful boots which he built himself out he had killed an alligator ate the same stone? It's time to be like him, and to buy a bag of crocodile, in extreme cases, snakeskin. Crime is not even considered the fact that you have just purchased an accessory made of artificial leather. The main thing that the texture was like a handbag skin python and crocodile.

When choosing a bag is worth paying attention to such an important factor as its size. It is believed that the bag should be in proportion to the figure of its owner. For example, a tall woman with the addition of a large bag of mini-format will look somewhat clumsy, while the petite woman would not be seen if it will go down the street with a big bag over his shoulder.

 My credo: "Bags is never too much! "
Chanel Winter-2010/2011

You also need to pay close attention to such an important time, as the level of the bag. It is believed that the bag should be worn mainly at the level of the hips, which will draw attention to women's legs and buttocks.

If you and the burning desire to be the center of attention and you want to stand out from the crowd, you just need to buy a few bags that will add zest image.

 My credo: "Bags is never too much! "

First, pay attention to such detail as the decor. In the fashion jewelry and various additional parts: metal inserts, bows, intricate weaving, embossed flowers and angular elements in the form of convex rhombus.

 My credo: "Bags is never too much! "
Longchamp Fall-winter-2010

Secondly, in a bun fringe, made in the form of a pom-pom, will be relevant in addition to a small purse.

Third, in fashion clutches, beaded.

Did their best, the creators of fashion and style specially for you we have created this season, all kinds of bags of various sizes and shapes. So that every woman can find just a "lucky girl from the family of marsupials."

You just have to think your way to the last detail, starting with a study of the major trends of the season. Then, supplement its accessories, keeping in mind that perfectly matched bag will make our way bright and harmonious. So go ahead, with the new acquisitions!

And remember that "Bags is never too much! "
Author: Stella Allates