Overstock: how to stay in durah
 Sales - a real holiday for every woman! We have dads car and military exhibitions, children have a Christmas tree and the zoo, and my mother - and the elimination of the stock, and markdown prices! Brained promise of "happiness" for sales give rise to many myths. For your name has not appeared in the "list of the victims", follow the advice of myCharm.

Myth 1. Sales - it is always cheap
In fact, many sales - is not cheap. It all depends on the size of the discount. If it is 5-10%, even the reduced price may be unaffordable. In addition, many sales - this is just a publicity stunt. Change the price tag is not too difficult to ...

Myth 2. Sales - it is always beneficial
Of course, selling profitable retail chain or store. The turnover will grow and make space for the new collection. The question is whether the sale is beneficial to you personally? It all depends on the strategy of behavior. According to statistics, more than half of unnecessary purchases is made on sales. Judge for yourself - whether it is always profitable ...

Myth 3. Sales - it is always quality
Alas, it is not. Firstly, on sale and sold low-quality stuff. Secondly, there are many "hackneyed" of things, the state of which suffered during the dozen fittings. It can be lowered and the loop, and a broken zipper, and the lack of buttons. The emphasis is on the fact that in the confusion of the sale, you can not notice, because considering the thing is not so picky as during normal shopping.

 Overstock: how to stay in durah
 Myth 4. Clearance - it is always economically
In modern society, there are two opposing trends. On the one hand, marketers are doing everything to boost sales (sale - one of these moves). On the other hand, psychologists pour tips to avoid becoming a victim of shopogolizm. Let's see if that helps to save the sale.

At first glance, it seems obvious that any share price reduction - it is an opportunity to save money, because the thing you can buy at a discount of 30, 50, and then all of 80%. The attraction of unprecedented generosity, ladies and gentlemen! On the other hand, there is a lot of questions that you should answer yourself honestly:

- Do you feel the need for some kind of stuff? To answer this question, we need at least to make an audit of the wardrobe. And if the shortage is found, it means that at the time of sale to look for "only a formal suit", "turtleneck only" or "only an evening dress.

- If there is an acute shortage, but really want to treat yourself to a new bagatelle in the locker room, you will not suffer from this purchase your personal (family) budget? Perhaps you had for sale "climb" in the envelope before spending the last week or salary gut "education fund" - money set aside to pay for their studies. In this case, another blouse looks not just a waste, but a direct threat to your financial well-being.

 Overstock: how to stay in durah
 Myth 5. Sale - it's always a great thing that you will be "happily ever after"
Alas, thing, bought on sale, can hang in your closet "dead weight." Here's why:

- In sales we are less picky. It is understandable - the word "discount" lulls the vigilance. Pay "a penny" - then take without bargaining! Therefore, there is a good chance to buy something that is "very pretty," but it came to nothing suitable. However, you will learn about it only when you get home. "Not the shade of green" - and your purchase is already with nothing to wear!

- There is a risk to get "original thing", which will have nowhere to wear it. And will have to act like in the movie "Buttermilk" - "Two evening dresses I wore, there are two more to put on."

- You can easily acquire unfashionable thing. Think you this can not happen? Even as you can! If you buy a thing that still is the "peak", but after two or three months would be "old". Of course, this concern does not apply to the classic things "like sneezing on fashion."

- Even easier to get hold of blouse, "a sister" is already hanging in our closet. "With me it happens on a regular basis," - says Svetlana. - "I remember what a thing fit, choose a style that suits me, and one of the favorite colors, but forgets that" very similar openwork black jacket on one button "is already in my wardrobe. As a result, over the last year, I became the owner of three black blouses (one long and two short-sleeved) and two peach blouse with cut-through chest. And I have two gray office dress with long sleeves - one I bought in Moscow, another - on sale in Vilnius. " Seeing them together then, I was horrified! They differ only in that the first single-breasted, and the second - double-breasted closure. "

Not to be mistaken with the purchase, remember:

- Reduced price - is also "not free." It's your money. And total spending on sales for the year may result in one third of the cost of trips to Turkey.

 Overstock: how to stay in durah
 - Ask questions: What do I really need to buy? Let the sales will not be a surprise to you - is regularly audited wardrobe and know what things it lacks. Then you can really learn from sales benefit.

- If you pick up a couple of specific things are not too lazy to take her with him. The only way you can be sure that they will be perfectly combined with each other.

- Do not bring more money than you can afford. Do not let the chance to destroy your spending the family budget, and therefore - the financial well-being and family relationships.
Author: Marina Tumovskaya