Style "Vintage" clothing. Part 1
 Over the past few years it has become fashionable to return to a whole era back. Costumes, stylized past century, and even well-preserved from that time, are no longer only for costume parties, but also in everyday life, even in the office.

And, despite the fact that the word "Vintage" at the hearing, very few people really is what it is, and how to wear it, so as not to look like a greeting from the past.

Instead of the foreword
Getting Started on the article, it was hard to imagine how interesting and big topic. For the last 100 years, mankind has made a huge step in the development. The twentieth century was full, not only in terms of political, scientific and technological life. Varied styles, invented a new cut and materials. All of this has moved us forward. Initially, the idea was just to show how you can wear vintage things now. But working with photos and stories, so I plunged into the atmosphere of a time that I realized: the style of "vintage" items require trilogy.

It is surprising how quickly we went from corsets and skirts to the floor. How fast (in comparison with the history of mankind) changed people's minds and lives. All this is reflected in the manner of dress. However, with the increase in the scale of the fashion industry to lose something more important. For comparison. If the beginning of the century women who were equal and imitated, were few, now there are even whole benefits, how to become a style icon. Just how bad it is - to judge you, but I tried to collect the most interesting ...

What is the style of "vintage" clothes?
Vintage clothes - clothes that can be worn at any time of the day and still look elegant. And the value of this vintage things every year is getting higher and higher. For those who can not afford these outfits, many designers and brands produced stylized "antique" model.

Vintage things - clothes that are outstanding representatives of any age, which reflect the main fashion trends of the period. Each season, one or another fashion house creates a collection in the spirit of the 20's, 50's, etc. And what is most interesting, such a collection look bright, unexpected and very attractive.

Agree, people who know how to combine modern elements with vintage always favorably among other fashionable crowd. Women who love the clothes in this style, taking the best from the era, both in terms of cut and color. And the thing is that the last century was filled with not only the political and social upheavals, but a complete overhaul of the relationship to clothes.

Each period brings about changes in fashion trends. There have always been people who have every right to be trendsetters. For the 20 years can be characterized as a commitment to the straight silhouette and glamor. In the 50s, on the contrary, it was in vogue a rounded shape. In the 80 general was popular unisex, and relevant images were quite aggressive. Each sign represents a certain era of fashion revolution, so she went down in history.

If you are still thinking about how to bring variety to your wardrobe, you learn your favorite era select the most-outfits and try them. Remember that it is not necessary to buy these vintage dresses, coats, etc., will be the stylized things. The main thing is to be able to beat all.

A little history ...
To experiment with vintage style, you need at least a few guided in fashion eras. Just imagine that every decade - new trends, new style icon. It is now the fashion remains fairly constant, but only if the woman freed from corsets and long skirts, feel free! So it was then that a new era in fashion.

20-ies of XX century . One of the most recognizable and romantiziruemyh periods. For most of us the notion of time derives from gangster movies, theater, etc. For many, the time associated with fringe and feathers. But it's time to expand your presentation.

 Style "Vintage" clothing. Part 1

Fashionable image of that time in the developed countries was the extravagant image of teen girl. And along the time, in the most part, it reflects the essence of this particular woman.

How fashionista looked in the 20s? The woman with short hair in a short shapeless dress, smoking a cigarette in a long mouthpiece, her flat chest, she loves make-up and not be ashamed to put it on the people, and inside it lives a rebel. She can dance the night away to the sounds of jazz. Is not freedom !?

But this image has gained special popularity only in 1926 and was not the only fashion trends of the time. Happy women wore dresses, skirts and coats up to mid-calf. And it was all residual decent and in order. But since 1926, many allowed themselves the liberty and wore skirts that opened the knees (to think, freedom! They should have seen the length of the mini).

From that moment begins madcap era, which, incidentally, did not last long. Most women still prefer a more low-key images.

The main distinguishing features of the fashion of the time were :
- Understated waistline,
- Length of caviar,
- Asymmetric cut skirts,
- Loose, sometimes shapeless models
- As well as the coat with the smell.
- For evening approached feathers, sequins, fringe, grid, etc.

The ideal was the type of shape "Inverted box" with broad shoulders and narrow hips. Women are struggling to meet this ideal.

 Style "Vintage" clothing. Part 1

As for accessories, the women were very popular variety of hats. Especially shlyapa- "bell". Surprisingly, it was not fashionable foreheads to show in the 20s. Hence the peculiar way of wearing hats and bangs and headbands.

As for the makeup, it was bright enough. Mainly due to the lipstick. Also relevant was a bright eye makeup, strongly reminiscent of the technique of drawing in the style of «smokey-eyes».

Style icons at the time were the stars of cinema and music. Therefore, if you want to delve into the study of this time, look at Lou Brooks, Josephine Baker, and, of course, Greta Garbo.

 Style "Vintage" clothing. Part 1

30 years of the twentieth century . However long the fashion for teenage girls did not last, and came back into fashion femininity. We tried to emphasize the bust and waist, her hair became longer, hair softer, faded popular in the 20s directness. The forehead again came into vogue. Actually it was clearly separate wardrobe for a neat, feminine and nevychurny day; and very glamorous evening.

 Style "Vintage" clothing. Part 1

In the 30s, women are independent, are beginning to work, so the clothes had to be practical, beautiful, and does not restrict movement. Luxurious dresses were in store for the evening go out. There are new materials, such as those that have a metal reflux. For even more shine, dress decorated with beads.

To make the silhouette of interesting clothes begin to cut at an angle of 45 degrees in fashion collar-collar and tops, dresses, tied at the neck. Due to the popularization of this cut, increasingly began to use satin, chiffon, crepe, silk. During this period, designers are very willing to experiment with different materials. Popularity gets viscose and silk.

Viscose had good dyeability and availability. So what fashion could afford not only the rich and famous.

But Coco Chanel's favorite material - cotton, is the lot of the middle class.
Another invention was nylon. In 1939 came the first nylon stockings.

Major trends in the cut in 30 years : Skirts were slightly elongated back, for the amount used pleated inserts, folds or expands. Popularity acquire draperies. A lightning start to be used not only for shoes, but also in clothes.

Style icon   in this period remains a Greta Garbo, and acceded to Dorothy Dandridge, Betty Davis, Vivien Leigh.

 Style "Vintage" clothing. Part 1

40 years of the twentieth century . About fashion began to remember just after the war. Since at the time of her main costume was a military uniform. And what is left of the bins. During this period, popular among women can be called tight pants and sweaters. In everyday life includes jeans. In general, women's fashion in many ways resembled the then male.

 Style "Vintage" clothing. Part 1

Some countries even have been issued laws restricting the creativity of designers. This lasted until 1947. Tired of second-hand clothes, hardship and suffering, women want beauty.

 Style "Vintage" clothing. Part 1

Perhaps the revival of femininity in the postwar period is considered to be a collection of Christian Dior «New Look». It was presented close-fitting jackets, skirts up to spawn. Do not forget that after the war there was a shortage of everything. And the use of the quantity of material produced a sensation. Jackets began to wear only underwear, scarf adorning themselves.

Imitated mostly actresses such as Marlene Dietrich, Katharine Hepburn, Lucille Ball, Rita Neyvord ...

Of course, this is not a complete list of those can be attributed to the trendsetter. If you kopnete deeper, you will find more names and images that are difficult to accommodate in a single article.
Author: Vera Karabutova