Vintage style clothing. Part 3
 We have already talked about the main trends of the last century.
Part one - the 20th, 30th, 40th years.
Part Two - 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s.
It remains to decide what you want to try. Vintage style is definitely interesting, but it takes skill to be properly worn. Here are a few tips on how best to do it.

Basic rules like wearing vintage clothing

1. Never get dressed in vintage stuff from head to toe, except for a costume party.   Suffice 1-3 things in your dress in vintage style. Thus they should be in harmony with each other and generally with other clothing.

 Vintage style clothing. Part 3

2. Start small.   Choose a vintage thing and beat her with the mind. Remember, the more difficult thing, the easier (does not mean cheaper) must have accessories. This is the most optimal. For example, if you have a suit, divide it into 2 parts. Wear a skirt and jacket separately.

 Vintage style clothing. Part 3

3. Not all ideas are good.   Not every style is to wear. Baggy dress eerie rosettes better to throw away or hide in the closet.

4. Do not be afraid to change clothes vintezhnuyu . For example, you can alter buttons of and outfit simply change its appearance. Or try to supplement blouse or jacket strap or a brooch. You can take in a little bit, hem, drape and do a lot of interesting things with old clothes.

5. Experiment.   Do not take too seriously vintage. Even if the jacket, like the main character, "Office Romance", this does not mean that we must also wear it. Try, try to trim. Take a chance, after all. After all, different from all - this is the risk.

6. Stratification.   Forget about the rigor and restraint. Try a combination of soft sweaters and blouses with a playful bow. Pick a couple of them standing and you're done. You can replace the sweater jacket sleeve ¾. Take, for example, in the style of the top 70's, put on a blouse or a shirt, pants or jeans, and voila. Old thing looks very much in the spirit of our time.

7. Know how to share.   Not everywhere can appear in a vintage dress, even if it is made in the best traditions of London and Paris. Known for its elegance and finery Margaret Thatcher and Jacqueline Kennedy today may not always be relevant.

8. Use dark colors, discreet accessories To adapt the outfit for everyday wear.

9. Maintain style . There are clothes that can be worn with almost everything. But there are such clothing, which requires a certain style. Keep this in mind when the pick image.

10. vintage clothes - not an outfit for a costume party. This is a complete outfit for life. Therefore, we must treat it accordingly.

Vintage style is certainly very interesting, but wearing it is still difficult. Since it is necessary to pick up kits with great care, because it is important that you look and fashionable and stylish, and the youth, not as an animated picture of your grandmother. The latter may be a good idea would be for theme parties. Therefore, in the first approach the issue carefully. Although, quite often vintage clothing is very well combined with the modern things.
Author: Vera Karabutova