Wedding fashion guru Vera Wang
 Apply to the registry office, set a date for the wedding, make a list of invited guests - these are sure signs of pre-wedding bustle. In preparation for the wedding, it is important to take care of everything in advance. About dress for brides need not worry, they will be engaged in Vera Wang. She can be trusted, it will not fail.

Stages of career
Vera Wang was born June 27, 1949. Her father - a rich immigrants from China. The family lived on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, this quarter is considered one of the most expensive and prestigious residential areas in New York. Vera Wang received an excellent education (she studied art history), which has become a reliable foundation of her meteoric career in fashion.

His career in the fashion industry Vera Wang start with a modest position in the American magazine Vogue. Vera came back in 1971, shortly after graduation. Less than a year prospective employee received a promotion, she became fashion editor. At the time, she was only 23 years old, in this position Vera Wang worked for 15 years.

In 1987, Vera Wang left the Vogue. She left the editor of the fashion glossy, but not the world of fashion. She continued her career in the company of American designer Ralph Lauren, where she was responsible for a line of accessories. Their duties Vera coped successfully, its taste and knowledge come in handy. The next step was the creation of a career own brand.

The Wedding Planner
In 1989, Vera Wang accepted a marriage proposal from Arthur Becker. Preparations for the wedding were in full swing when Vera realized that he could not choose a suitable wedding dress. Then she came up with a sketch and ordered sewing dresses from the tailor. Such a whim cost the 10 000 dollars, but Vera Wang was a beautiful and happy bride. So begins the story of the brand Vera Wang.

 Wedding fashion guru Vera Wang

Misunderstanding with the choice of wedding dress Vera Wang prompted an interesting business idea. One year later, with the financial support of his father, she opened her first shop of dresses for brides. It was located in the upscale hotel "Carlyle" that Madison Avenue in New York.

Twenty years passed quickly. Today, Vera Wang - a real guru of wedding fashion. She knows it's not only wedding dresses, but also the slightest nuances of organizing a wedding celebration. The designer even released a book in which he shares with readers the tips, the book is called "Vera Wang: It's about the wedding." In addition, Vera Wang publishes useful information on its official website.

Oh sport!
The news that Vera Wang creates costumes for American skaters, is not surprising. In his youth, Vera Wang seriously engaged in figure skating, and participated in competitions. Twice along with his partner James Stewart, it ranks fifth in the junior doubles competition at the US National Championships. Probably Vera Wang could achieve great results in sport and to win the title, but the world of fashion it attracted much more.

Years later, Vera Wang has returned to figure skating, this time not as a figure skater, and as a designer jogging suits. She is very serious about its mission and acknowledged in an interview: "Believe me, no one wants to skater lost the gold medal because of his arm suddenly went to pieces."

However, she did not worry about anything, because the experience of similar work at Vera Wang has. In 1994, during the Olympic Games in Lillehammer, Norway designers have created a costume for the famous American figure skater Nancy Kerrigan. It was a charming and feminine dress, hand embroidered with pearls.

 Wedding fashion guru Vera Wang
Nancy Kerrigan in dresses by Vera Wang

Dress for the bride
Vera Wang - favorite celebrities world-class, in her dress the stars go down the aisle. Here is a brief excerpt from a long list: Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, Sharon Stone, Uma Thurman, Mariah Carey, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Andie MacDowell. For each of these famous women Vera Wang has created a unique wedding dress.

 Wedding fashion guru Vera Wang
   One of the clearest examples of the latter - a dress for Chelsea Clinton. Wedding only daughter of former President Bill Clinton and current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on July 31, 2010. In the tiny village of Rhinebeck on the Hudson River in an old mansion gathered the most influential people of the United States. On this solemn occasion we were invited 500 prominent guests, among whom was Vera Wang.

The luxurious dress by Vera Wong Chelsea Clinton married her fellow student at Stanford University, an investment banker Marc Mezvinsky. During the wedding ceremony, the bride looked great and literally glowed with happiness.

Dreams Come True
Not every bride can afford a wedding dress by Vera Wang. It is known that Jennifer Lopez her dress at a cost of 320,000 dollars, and the most modest model designer boutiques worth 2,000-4,000 dollars. Even generous discounts of 50% or greater during seasonal sales do not always lead women to become the owner of the cherished dream dresses. Vera Wang and her business partners able to find a way out.

 Wedding fashion guru Vera Wang

It was announced the release of a unique collection of wedding dresses at affordable prices. Wedding dresses are available on any type of shape, size, from 0 to 30. It is expected that the price range will be between 600 to 1000 dollars. Needless to say, which caused a stir among brides this news.

The project is making inexpensive wedding dresses is carried out in close collaboration with David's Bridal, the largest retailer of wedding dresses in the US. The new line is called the White by Vera Wang. Branded dresses will cost less, but experts from the world of fashion there are fears that it will negatively affect the quality. Implementation of this rather ambitious project has contributed to the financial crisis .... Maintain a beautiful business becomes more complex, it is necessary to look for new business solutions.

To be continued
Vera Wang is able to surprise not only to the new style of dress. The designer is thinking seriously about the shooting of the feature film as a director. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter Vera Wang confessed: "I think I'm ready to shoot his film. I have learned to tell stories for 9-10 minutes a fashion show, so why not go to the next level? ".
Author: Irina Rukavishnikova