Aerogrill when cookware is important for the figure
 I think no one would argue that a beautiful toned body begins with the cuisine. More precisely - with products and dishes, we day-to-day use for cooking. It is not enough just to buy a chicken and vegetables - not least to prepare them. You as well as I know that even vegetables can fry in such an amount of oil that the dish does not pull on the diet.

While the dangers of fried foods known to all, and the effect of microwave energy is not fully understood, one of the most useful tools for cooking meals for today is aerogrill. Preparation of products in this unit makes food diet, low-calorie, and in addition to the health benefits. Not surprisingly, it is becoming increasingly popular for special diets, which are based - dishes cooked in aerogrill.

How it works?

Aerogrill consists of a round glass flask and cap equipped with built-in heating element and fan. While the heating element heats the air to a desired temperature, fan uniformly "blowing" products, which are placed on the lattice inside the flask. Aerogrill is good not only because it is possible to regulate the temperature in the range 60-260 degrees you the strength to set the speed of air flow to retain moisture foods.

Aerogrill numerous functions - thanks to them once it replaces the 10 kitchen appliances: a steam cooker, toaster, fryer, grill, oven, smokehouse, Barbecue, convection oven, roaster and a drying cabinet. Agree, it is convenient that with just one device, you can reheat food to defrost meat and fish, stew vegetables, bake cakes, make "kebabs", smoke meat, sterilized jars, dried mushrooms and berries, and much more.

Tasty and healthy food - the basis of a new diet

 Aerogrill when cookware is important for the figure
 Aerogrill diet has nothing to do with diet alone. Restrictions in the "main" dishes will follow - you'll have the same thing as before, but cooked in aerogrill. Will this change the "status quo"? And how! After all the calories you will consume much less and stress for the body (which is usually caused by a strict diet) simply will not. This means that the effect will not only be achieved but will continue for years to come. More precisely, in the long years of service of this wonderful device. So, what is good for aerogrill as harmony of our figures?

• First, aerogrill - this is an opportunity many healthy ways of cooking, including braising, roasting, steaming, grilling, vexation in pots.

• Second, the dishes cooked in aerogrill, obtained juicy fragrant and delicious - so you do not even feel that "cheated" itself taste for wasp waist.

• Third, aerogrill retains all the beneficial properties of products - vitamins and minerals that are so necessary for our body.

• Fourth, aerogrill drips from meat, fish and chicken excess fat. Fat drains to the bottom of the flask, and the plate is reduced in calories, cholesterol, and carcinogens.

• Fifth, cooking in Aerogrill does not require oil. So you further reduces calories and appetizing crust turns completely harmless because there is no carcinogens.

Additional advantages

One of the indisputable advantages aerogrill - this saves time. After all, the device allows you to cook several dishes at the same time. We should not be afraid that smells mixed together. As they say, everything is thought out!
Doubtless convenience is that translucent wall aerogrill - this allows you to monitor the cooking process: you'll see, well if the cake rises, there appeared crisp on the meat.

Moreover, aerogrill that combines the functions of a dozen household appliances, it weighs lighter than any of them. The weight of several kilograms makes it easy to "relocate" aerogrill to the country where his "talents" will appear at the time and place. With it, you can not only enjoy the dishes of vegetables, but also to make a juicy barbecue, sterilized jars for domestic preparations, dried apples for the winter compotes, and so on.

You do not need to be afraid that children will put the unit in "wrong" dishes, because you can use any Aerogrill bowls and plates - metal, ceramic, glass. A defrosted meat and fish can be even plastic.
Finally, this wonderful device is able to wash himself. Washing mode allows you to limit your participation in this unpleasant process. You have only to pour water, add dishwashing detergent and click. Just a couple of minutes will aerogrill boasted purity shine!

What to look for when choosing?

We've come close to what you're willing to call without delay to an online store to order aerogrill. Wait, we have not yet decided on the model and features.

"Batch" functions will depend entirely on what you are going to cook in this device. Read the instructions, choose, have gone further.

 Aerogrill when cookware is important for the figure
 Aerogrill come in different sizes - it determines the capacity of the pan. Think about how many people you usually have to cook. Perhaps in a large instrument is simply no need. Please note that the amount indicated by two numbers - the fact that a standard flask can be increased by a special ring. With it, there will an increase in one and a half times, which means that guests will be enough!

Note the number of modes of operation of the fan (one to three). Accordingly, the more the better. Ask whether the automatic warm-up.

As in the microwave control mode - electronic or mechanical - functional features it does not matter.

Finally, the timer - find out how many hours it is calculated. The value varies from 1 to 24 hours - the latter can be prepared using the delay. This can be useful for those who have children in school. And the very convenient: only managed to take off our shoes, and dinner is ready. Fairy tale, and only!

Cheaper models aerogrill equipped with mechanical control, self-cleaning and a fan at the same speed of rotation. More expensive are the sensor or electronic control, automatic cooking programs, and several modes of operation of the fan.

In any case aerogrill - this is a cheap and affordable tool, especially given its functionality and usefulness for health and figure. Harmony you and bon appetit!
Author: Marina Tumovskaya