Alginate facials
 Alginate face masks are an important item in the list of procedures that offer their clients the beauty salons. What alginates? These are salts of alginic acids, extracted from certain species of seaweed. Brown algae - the main source. In nature, in any terrestrial plant alginates do not occur.

Alginates are widely used in cosmetics, based on them make masks designed for facial skin care. Alginate masks often produced in the form of a dry powder, at least - in the form of a gel.

Alginates have been opened recently.   In 1981, English chemist Sir Stanford studied the problem of obtaining iodine from seaweed and alginates have become a by-product of his scientific experiments. After a few years, regardless of the results of research Stanford, another scientist by the name of Krefting also discovered and described alginic acid. Currently, alginates are produced in the United States, Norway, France, Great Britain, India, Japan and China. In Russia, Arkhangelsk region also has a small production of alginates, at the local mill processed seaweed from the White and Barents Seas. Alginates are widely used in pharmacology, in cosmetics, in the food industry and in other industries.

What effect is alginate mask on your face?   Alginate mask:
- Cools and refreshes the skin;
- It has a lifting effect;
- It has anti-inflammatory effects;
- Narrows the enlarged pores;
- Improves circulation;
- Increasing the supply of oxygen;
- Promotes the resorption of dead spots from acne and blackheads;
- Has drainage effects (improves the flow of blood and lymph);
- Improves the complexion;
- It is a good prevention of premature skin aging.

What are the merits of alginate masks?   The main advantage of the alginate masks is that they can be used for all types of skin: they will be useful and effective for normal, combined dry, oily skin. Alginate mask can be used to care for mature skin - it is one of their advantages. In conjunction with the competent home care and other professional procedures alginate mask prevent the appearance of early wrinkles, smooth skin tone support it. In the treatment of oily skin alginate mask irreplaceable. Allergy sufferers should be careful if you are hypersensitive to the components of the algae, the use of alginate masks have to be abandoned.

 Alginate facials
 How is the procedure for applying the alginate mask?   Before you put a mask on your face, you need to remove makeup and thoroughly cleanse the skin .  On the eyebrows and eyelashes is desirable to apply a small amount of fatty cream .  Under the mask can cause additional means, depending on skin problems which may be serum, an emulsion, a mixture of essential oils .  Once the agent is absorbed on the face superimposed algae mask .  Immediately before use powder mask diluted in water at a ratio of 1: 1 .  Frequently the powder is not diluted with water, and in special solvents in a proportion of 3: 1 .  Solvents containing sea salt and enriched with trace elements, which enhances the effect of alginate mask .  By its consistency mask should resemble a thick cream, it is applied to the skin of a dense layer on the massage lines face with a spatula .  On the skin, the mask hardens within 5-7 minutes .  For the next 10-15 minutes the mask is plasticized, it becomes visually similar to rubber and slightly reduced in volume .  Mask gently tightens the skin, but the more unpleasant and painful sensations, these can not be called .  The entire procedure lasts 30 minutes, and then the mask is removed .  This must be done with one deft movement below the chin up to the forehead . 

 Alginate facials
 How to finish the procedure?   After removing the mask face wiped tonic relevant type of skin. At the end of procedure applied to the skin serum, cream or gel. This is especially important in cold weather before going out to protect the skin from aggressive environmental factors. After the application of the alginate mask facial skin feels easy and comfortable. However, one procedure is not enough to achieve a good effect beauticians recommend a course of several procedures, their number can vary from 5 to 15. The alginate mask can be applied one to four times per week. The decision about the number and frequency of treatments takes beauticians, depending on the patient's skin and a solved problem.

Can I make an alginate mask yourself at home?   No contraindications for this no special composition for alginate masks can be purchased at the pharmacy, in the cosmetic store or ordered online. However, beauticians recommend a course of alginate mask in a beauty salon. Beautician, relying on their knowledge and experience will determine how many treatments you need a particular patient, any additional funds can be applied under the mask according to skin problems. And the right to impose a mask on your face - so that it has maximum effect, it is best left to professionals, alone do not always get it right. If you do decide to make alginate mask at home, do not wash it in the sink rests, just throw them in the trash, or you risk clog the frozen mass of water pipes.

For regular clients of beauty salons have good news:   Alginate mask is used not only for skin care. Alginate mask can be applied to the neck, in the area around the eyes, on the chest area. They are also widely used as an effective anti-cellulite agent. Alginate mask is applied locally on the problematic parts of the body subject to the formation of "orange peel": arms, buttocks, thighs on. The most effective algae mask in combination with other salon treatments such as rejuvenation, mesotherapy, myostimulation, peels.
Author: Irina Rukavishnikova