Alginate mask body
 In the modern beauty industry for skin care and body treatments are widely used alginate mask. Title masks due to the fact that they are composed of alginate - Alginic acid and its salts, which are contained in brown algae. Alginates have a number of unique beneficial properties. Most often, alginate masks are available in the form of powders which are diluted with water or special solvents to the consistency of thick cream just before application to the skin.

Much rarer alginate mask in the form of gels. Manufacturers alginate positioning a mask as hypoallergenic, since they do not contain preservatives, artificial colors and flavors.

Components alginate body masks

The powder composition for the preparation of alginate mask alginates addition of other active ingredients are added to make an impact on the mask body more effective. Among other leading ingredients mineral clay, ginseng root, plant extracts and natural essential oils: eucalyptus, rosewood, lemon, orange, grapefruit, lavender. Manufacturers do not stop there, experts are developing in laboratories all new formulas alginate body masks.

Action alginate masks on the body:

• weight loss;
• reduction of localized fat deposits;
• improving skin tone;
• skin hydration;
• lifting effect (tightens the skin);
• smoothing stretch marks;
• fight against cellulite;
• improving blood circulation in the tissues, normalize metabolic processes;
• lymphatic drainage impact;
• Multiple potentiation of cosmetic products applied under the mask.

Using alginate mask body care

Alginate mask to combat cellulite is applied to problem areas of the body exposed to the formation of "orange peel": hips, buttocks, abdomen and arms. Alginate mask can be applied to the chest area, to strengthen and make more smooth skin of the breast. Legs also not forbidden sometimes treat: alginate mask designed specifically for the "light feet". When the comprehensive care of the body can combine several types of masks. For example, it is permissible at the same time put a mask on her hips and chest area.

Application Procedure alginate mask on the body

The mask is applied to the desired area using a broad brush. Then, the treated area is wrapped with plastic film. Inside the master wraps client thermal blanket and left so for 30-40 minutes. It tightens the skin like a mask, but these feelings are hard to categorize unpleasant. The warm and relaxed environment many customers even manage to relax and take a nap. During the procedure, there may be sweating that is a normal reaction of the body. After the procedure, a frozen mask is removed from the body, makes it fast and agile movement. Remains masks client yourself washes in the shower. At the end of the procedure is recommended to perform a light massage of problem areas with the use of aromatic oils, it is especially important for successful treatment of cellulite.

The number and frequency of treatments

After the procedure, the client is not recommended to rush home or back to the office. During the 20-30 minutes you need a little rest and relaxation, so plan your visit to the beauty salon with a view of this "pause". This time can be to spend in the herbal tea room salon or just sit in a comfortable chair, flipping through the pages of a glossy women's magazine. One procedure is not enough to achieve a good result, you need a course of several procedures: an average of 5 to 10. For an intensive course aimed at reducing excess weight and reduce body fat, it is recommended to take a course, which consists of 10-15 procedures. The procedure may be carried out 2-3 times a week. The decision on the number and frequency of treatments accepted by the doctor, taking into account the individual characteristics of the client, the condition of its skin and overall health.

Carrying out the procedure at home

At home, you can trap one, but the real difficulty - algae mask hardens very quickly .  Out of this situation is, and it is quite simple .  The powder that is used for the preparation of alginate mask is divided into two (or more) components .  The finished mask is applied to the body in two (or more) phases .  To apply the mask on the buttocks and back of thighs need assistant .  The mask is removed one layer .  To facilitate this process the mask can slug detach from the skin around the edges .  At home, you can use instead of the usual thermal blanket warm blanket or plaid .  To wrap after applying the mask, you can use the usual food film, which easily can be purchased at the supermarket .  Carefully study the instructions on the use of masks at home - more information will not be superfluous .  Home treatment is much more economical than a visit to a beauty salon . 

The combination of alginate masks with other body treatments

Course alginate mask is effective by itself, but more impressive results can be achieved by combining different treatments for the body. As you know, cellulite treatment requires a comprehensive approach. Alginate mask is desirable to combine and alternate with anti-cellulite massage with mud applications, with hardware methods cellulite treatment. Of course, do not forget about the benefits of a balanced diet and exercise - a healthy lifestyle not replace alginate mask.


Contraindications for use of alginate mask body a little bit, but they do exist. From the use of alginate masks have to give allergy sufferers - those who have previously had an allergic reaction marked on algae and seafood. People suffering from cancer, alginate mask prohibited. Exacerbation of chronic diseases is also among the contraindications.
Author: Irina Rukavishnikova