Devices for intimate hairstyles - trimmers and groomers
 "Walkabout" in the online shop - not for the faint of heart. And not just because the goods in it by the thousand, and money for all "women's happiness" oh how is not enough. The fact that the range of "overgrown" products, which we know little. We look to the web page and feel firmly stuck in the last century as Winnie the Pooh at the exit of the house rabbit. Take, for example, such devices to restore beauty as trimmer and groomer. Not only do these words of foreign origin and their semantics little to tell us (unless we inyaz finished). Second, it does not really help and the main magic wand - Internet search engine.

Groomer - a hairdresser dogs and trimmer - Lawn?

Full of hope, in a few seconds to learn about the appointment of the required goods, their differences and advantages, and then immediately on the spot to make a choice in the search for the "right" and making a purchase, I opened the search engine and wrote the word "groomer".

The first seven positions rocked my imagination that were associated with the care of dogs and cats. It turns out that "groomer - is a person who professionally wash, dry, rascheshet, podstrizhet your dog or cat cleans her ears, teeth, claws podstrizhet give advice on skin care and hair, makeup and recommend tools for daily care." I really had thought that was wrong with the request, as the saw "light at the end of the tunnel." Eighth position retriever happily informed me that "buy clippers, groomer or trimmer can be in cash or non-cash payment." Even easier, but definitely nowhere and I did not see ...

With the trimmer, the situation looked a little better. I saw "the thing" in the catalog of some of the firm and remember that this is "something for hair removal." However, a search engine once again tried to convince me otherwise. The first search engine position heralded that "Trimmer - an indispensable tool that will help you quickly and efficiently to get rid of weeds in your summer cottage." On the second line trimmer has been placed in the category of goods next to the lawn mower. The 12th brought me closer to the hair, but the destiny of little concern to the fairer sex, offering to buy "trimmer beard and mustache."
Female trimmer was only 33 minutes (!) Positions. Only then I realized that it was necessary to look for it for women trimmer. This combination was familiar to many shops selling equipment for the body.

 Devices for intimate hairstyles - trimmers and groomers
 The most "untwisted" in the line-up turned out to Remington (BKT3000), designed to "remove hair in the bikini area, bikini haircuts, creating intimate haircuts, creating an intimate hairstyles." The second place on the popularity of the famous fighting unit Philips and Rowenta. The third "flaunted» Polaris PWT 03OP. Among manufacturers groomers strong lead by Philips and Braun.

By the way, telephone calls girlfriends and "knock" in ICQ also did not bring the desired result. All my friends, "the old" used razors or coiled. There was, however, two fans epilators. But what about hair removal bikini everyone was unanimous - only a razor.

Curiously, not given effect, and my attempt to "stir up" the theme of the trimmers and groomers on one of the largest women's forums. More than half of the wearer "proignorila" theme (as an option - "big-eyed" smile or a question mark). Couple man known only by hearsay of these devices, but say nothing intelligible could not. And only one (!) Of the wearer explained to me what kind of devices are used such. It was necessary to study the question of the ...

Who is the "main" in the bikini area?

It turned out, the device of the "new generation" really facilitate the fate of modern women, "a life-and-death" battling with unwanted hair. So, try to understand what benefits we get, if this kind of owning a machine.

However, I found no significant differences between the trimmer and the groomer on the issue of hair removal from the bikini area. Many sellers agree with me, because that one word often complement each as follows: groomer (trimmer).

What are the characteristics of the devices are the most seductive?

• First, the perfect close shave without the risk of cuts and irritation, which, unfortunately, can not boast of the usual razor.

• Secondly, the comfort of use due to size - they are suitable for hair removal on small areas of the body.

• Third, the undeniable convenience of appliances, provides wireless mode of operation (from 45 minutes to 3 hours depending on the model).

• Fourth, the ability to use in the shower, where we in fact, used to get rid of unwanted hair. But it is possible and "dry" - trimmer capable of anything!

• Fifth, the unlimited possibilities of creating bikini styling - in other words, the intimate haircuts. What kind? For example, as many as 5 length settings, which offers a bikini trimmer Remington BKT3000. When this length adjustment is performed by turning the wheel. In contrast to the razor, trimmer allows you to not shave hairs "at the root" and leave some length to create the desired intimate haircut.

And that's not all! All models are packaged in a convenient carrying case that can be taken along on the trip and compact to store at home.

 Devices for intimate hairstyles - trimmers and groomers
 Trimmers company Philips Bikini Perfect HP 6379, 6375 and 6373 are also unique in their hygienic - scallops with silver ions provides a bactericidal and purity.

Groomers often trims are also used to shape the eyebrows (Down sadomasochistic vydёrgivanie!). For example, coverage groomers Philips HP 6390 and Braun SilkFinish FG 1100 makes it easy and painless, with a highly accurate form drawing eyebrows. In addition, the groomer - a real godsend for women with unwanted hair on the face (for example, above the upper lip). Spot removing permanently solve the problem of hair.

 Devices for intimate hairstyles - trimmers and groomers
 But there are exceptions among the trimmers, nothing inferior to the groomer. This, for example, cosmetic trimmer WPG3000 5 in 1 from Remington.

Comfortable handle shape these devices allows maximum control over the process of shaving, which is very convenient to reach and sensitive areas of the body.

For more "pluses" - a brush to clean the device from the hair, comb for eyebrows and fireworks color!

Oh, why not try a groomer or trimmer? Still, for us women do!
Author: Marina Tumovskaya