Getting rid of old: Dermabrasion
 "Dermabrasion" - strange foreign word that has come into use in the 80s of the last century. The procedure, which previously could not afford many, is now included in the list of services of almost all beauty salons. Dermabrasion, ie mechanical peeling - one of the ways to the "eternal youth" may not be the best, but not the most dangerous.

Dermabrasion historically originated as a method of removing small scars, scars and poorly defined age spots, only then this method has been applied against skin aging. The procedure offered by beauticians in beauty salons may be superficial and deep.

Superficial dermabrasion She also microdermabrasion It is recommended for acne, problematic oily skin, dark spots, certain dermatological diseases, as well as for the prevention of skin aging and age-related changes in the lungs. The method consists in a mechanical "erasing" the top layer of skin - the epidermis - using aluminum oxide crystals. They are completely harmless chemical composition and have high abrasive properties, which makes the procedure of microdermabrasion completely safe and extremely effective. It is produced on a special machine using a tip in which a vacuum is created and sterile microscopic particles move - alumina crystals. The doctor dispenses impact strength and frequency depending on the patient's problem. The duration of one session is 30-40 minutes. The number of sessions - from 5 to 10 depending on the availability problem.

Microdermabrasion does not make wait for the results - they appear almost after the first procedure: the skin looks toned, smoother and younger and is better able to perceive the active ingredients that make up the specialized products for skin after microdermabrasion. The procedure is painless, respectively, it does not require anesthesia. Gentle removal of dead cells stimulates the biological processes in the skin - the synthesis of collagen, improve blood circulation. The intensity of the microdermabrasion is selected for each person individually, depending on the type and condition of their skin. As a result, the procedure usually does not occur adverse side effects. Good it is not only women but also men.

Until recently, dermabrasion was considered a salon treatment, but in recent years there have been a means to carry out this "miracle of rejuvenation" at home. Of course, it is only about microdermabrasion, ie leveling the surface of the skin relief. A consequence of this procedure will improve the complexion, toning and skin fullness. It is about changing skin relief signals complexion: dead epidermis particles give the skin a grayish hue, particularly noticeable in the pale "winter" skin. If you remove these formations the skin immediately gets a different color.

Skin relief   - A very fine structure of the epidermis, which has several layers and is determined genetically. Formed skin relief in strict accordance with the hereditary traits, which include not only common, but also individual attributes, so the skin is infinitely variable and is individual for each person. On the skin surface topography distinguish five types, of which three belong to the first top layer - the epidermis, the others - to the skin as a whole.

A primary layer   noticeable on the surface of cells in the form of small bumps and seal resulting from "wrinkling". Second   a separate dead cells. Tertiary relief   characterized by small furrows and folds. Quaternary relief   represented deeper dimples skin surface, i.e. not only of the horny layer but also layers of connective tissue. That is what we owe to the fourth layer of unique fingerprints. Availability fivefold relief   due to the ability of the skin to emerge in clearly distinguishable pads, separated by grooves. When the surface microdermabrasion affected only the first three layers of the skin, which eliminates in the first place, visual signs of aging.

Virtually every major cosmetics company offers in its range of products for home microdermabrasion crystals on the basis of aluminum oxide, in pharmacies and specialized stores you can find beauty products firms Vichy, Lierac, Roc, Yves Rocher, L'Oréal, Chanel. Generally, these preparations contain not only a means for direct microdermabrasion treatments, but also caring creams and serums after the conference, as well as special equipment for the mechanical action on the surface structure of the skin.

Deep dermabrasion It recommended for the same cosmetic defects that during mikroprotsedur only has a more pronounced effect. In addition, deep procedure more painful and by means of anesthesia. It is used most often for the correction of distinct signs of skin aging. Salon deep dermabrasion procedure should only be experienced cosmetologist, which will determine the degree of need, the depth of the procedure, advise the rehabilitation program, reducing diet will prevent the development of infection. Mechanical deep dermabrasion   still used widely, but still more popular procedure laser resurfacing as a safer. After a deep skin resurfacing comes a long and difficult recovery period, there is a risk of hyperpigmentation of the skin. After the procedure is necessary cosmetics, restoring the skin's structure, helping to protect it from ultraviolet radiation, hypoallergenic and soft structure.
Author: Olga Zorina