In a cloud of freshness. Choose: deodorant, antiperspirant, or ...?
 Well, when the cloud freshness surrounds you all day and gives self-confidence, but most importantly, all the same - not to harm your health!

How nice that Gone are the days when a hot day it was impossible to enter the transport of suffocating odor surrounding the heated passenger when due yellowish circles armpits had to throw away your favorite blouse. Finally, mankind has learned to deal with this unpleasant consequence of the hot season - then. Rather, he sweat is still here, it's a natural reaction of the body to change the temperature of both the body and the environment. Overheating - sweat, everything is natural, but the smell - is another question! It turns out that he sweat has no odor, and call it micro-organisms whose livelihoods in a moist environment and is accompanied by such a disgusting "fragrance."

Sweat glands in the body a lot, or 2, or 3 million, and they are working day and night, protecting us from overheating. Is endocrine glands - they just react to changes in temperature, and apocrine have that power sweating react to emotional stimuli (pleasure, pain, fear, etc.).

Before fighting with the smell of sweat, you need to analyze why we sweat, in fact, sweating accompanied with an unpleasant smell and some very serious diseases, wrong metabolism, hormonal disorders.

Well, if the causes are natural, there are two ways to combat the smell of perspiration: deodorants and antiperspirants.

What good deodorant? They are struggling with the smell, but not by then, so I do not violate the body's thermoregulation. They include perfumes, as well as substances that destroy microorganisms, components, skin softening. Cons: often components of deodorants cause allergies or skin irritation. However, there are hypoallergenic and odorless deodorants.

 In a cloud of freshness. Choose: deodorant, antiperspirant, or ...?
   Antiperspirants reduce perspiration. Their components - aluminum salts, at least zinc, which narrow, and sometimes simply close the ducts of the sweat glands. The skin remains dry for a few hours, which is of course very convenient, but not safe.

Delay sweating during active gym, physical and emotional stress can cause swelling of the armpits.

There is another warning. In recent years, medical journals, there were reports that parabens - preservatives that are used in the cosmetics industry, is not so harmless as previously thought. They can be accumulated in the body and is particularly harmful to the state of the mammary glands.

Paraben itself is very similar to the female sex hormone - estrogen. But an excess of estrogen in the body increases the risk of the so-called hormone-dependent tumors, so do not abuse the cosmetics, which consists of parabens, including antiperspirant and deodorant. Just they are the most dangerous, since they use much of parabens hits the axillary region, which is associated with breast numerous lymphatic vessels.

In fairness, I note that manufacturers of cosmetics with these conclusions physicians disagree, but I think in any case it is advisable to restrict the use of antiperspirants within reasonable limits and do not abuse them unnecessarily.

Before using the cosmetic product, carefully review its composition: If there is a choice, it is better to acquire funds, which do not include aluminum salts and parabens.

Deodorant Cosmetics: Pros and Cons


- you can forget about unpleasant odors, enjoying the sensation of freshness at least a few hours;

- very convenient, compact and always at hand;

-   deodorants are added to substances that are not only absorb sweat, but also prevent skin inflammation, disinfect and soften it;


- increased risk of cancer and inflammatory diseases of the breast;

-   deodorants clog the sweat glands and, therefore, violate the thermoregulation of the body, which threatens to tissue edema, or an allergic reaction;

- blocking sweat in one place, you contribute to its enhanced appearance of another (hands, feet, etc.)

-   deodorants with the smell can not be combined with the scent of perfume.

So, everyone can decide for themselves what, when and in what quantities to use to deal with later, but there are some general tips on how to avoid sweating:

instead of "perfume" often wash using antibacterial and antiseptic soap for problem areas;

  to avoid unpleasant odors, regularly remove hair under the armpits;

  when sweating is better to eat less spicy and spicy food, and drink less strong tea and coffee.

it makes sense to pay attention to traditional methods. For example, sage is suitable not only for the antimicrobial bath, oak bark and the like, but also for oral administration. The infusion of this herb (2 tablespoons dried crushed leaves of sage in a thermos to fill 0, 5 liters of boiling water and infuse for 30-40 minutes, drain) can be taken daily for one-third cup after meals three times a day to reduce sweating.

instead of deodorant, and sometimes you can use a one-two percent solution of acetic acid, which wipe the armpit, so they do not sweat. Always wet palms helps water with ammonia (a teaspoon per gallon of water), wet feet - baths from a mixture of oat straw and oak bark.

 In a cloud of freshness. Choose: deodorant, antiperspirant, or ...?
   Well, when the cloud freshness surrounds you all day and gives self-confidence, but most importantly, all the same - not to harm your health! Cleverly combining the achievements of cosmetic science and popular wisdom, you can choose a third way - moderation in all things, including the use of deodorant and antiperspirant.
Author: Olga Travleeva