Interview after Botox injections
 The problem of today's methods of cosmetology - not a lack of information, and one-sided in its filing. We all know today that this, for example, Botox and some idea of ​​how this procedure takes place, but no doctor-cosmetologist practicing Botox injections, can not or does not want to talk about the sensations experienced by its customers.

Irina D - Russian, lives in France, about 7 years old, working in a large company, is divorced from her husband, a Frenchman. She was 42 years old, this is a very well-groomed young woman with a slender figure. Two months ago, she made a Botox injection in a private clinic in Paris, and today agreed to answer questions myCharm, on the condition that he would not name any doctor's name or the name of the clinic.

Irina, how did you choose the clinic for Botox injections?

Usually do not choose a clinic and doctor. I came to the clinic to see Dr., which heard a lot of good reviews, and that it has signed a contract with this procedure.

What is a such a contract?

This is the usual procedure for this contract, a document regulating the rights and obligations of the client's physician.
There, for example, it was - I remember - it's stated that the doctor is obliged to make a fresh injection of toxin only good quality, called its brand, and emphasized that no Chinese budet.Konechno toxin used not just in this contract stipulated the commercial side - price.

And how much is this procedure?

  Injections in the area of ​​the forehead, crow's feet and around the mouth alone stand at 300 euros. But since I have decided to dramatically rejuvenate the entire face, it cost me less - the so-called forfe- for all I paid 680 euros.

It was scary?

No, because I have been reading articles about what the procedure is harmless and has no side effects. I actually can not stand even the smell of the hospital, I do not like pain and discomfort, but when a woman decides that she must be younger then all fears fade into the background.

How was the process?

I came to the clinic at the appointed time-it was morning. Before I met twice with the doctor for consultations and complete the questionnaire to anesthesia.


What do you think? Required! It's not just shots - the same poison you injected under the skin. Anesthesia was certainly not the general - local - freezing the gel and another shot in the chin.

  And when it was such a long special needle Botox injected me, I did not feel pain. Almost immediately, the doctor noticed the redness on my face, but he said that it is normal that it happens.

I would like to go home immediately after the procedure, but it is forbidden to drive a car right after anesthesia, so we had to wait a full anesthesia weathered a few hours in the clinic.

I applied ice at the injection site, immediately asked not to look in the mirror. But I'm a Russian lady, I can not listen to instructions - looked into the mirror- whole face was swollen with red spots. Then came the pain. Somehow very sick ear and teeth - such a nagging toothache.

I took pain medication for several days, because the pain was constant. I called the doctor, he reassured me, I said not all there is an active reaction to Botox, but it is quite permissible.

What else were you feeling?

It feels uncomfortable, that face is numb. As if it has stayed or I lie down! - (Laughs). Until now, I have left this feeling, because it's only 2 months after injection.

But the wrinkles?

Well, as you can see, they have not gone anywhere yet, but somehow smoothed. The doctor said that the results will be fully visible at the end of 3 months.

You will repeat this procedure as it is usually recommended to cosmeticians?

There is, perhaps, to think of something else ...
Author: Tatiana AMIS