Oxygen is needed, "the air" ... every patient with diabetes!
 Domestic medicine has the world record of achievements on the effectiveness of the treatment of Type II diabetes. In a Moscow clinic established technique allowing to deal with the disease at any stage of development.

Attention, all residents of the city!

There is a paradox. Today we can effectively deal with Type II diabetes, or to prevent the development of this disease, "catching" him in the early stages. This - with one hand. On the other - humanity is absolutely powerless against diabetes. WHO experts forecast promises a catastrophe: by 2010 the number of patients will exceed 300 million people! So, will increase dramatically and mortality from cardiovascular complications: mainly coronary heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, surgical infections, etc.

Why is this happening?

Today, it somehow does not say, but the major risk factor for diabetes type ... is our life itself. We are faced with one of the first man-made epidemic of noncommunicable diseases that any sanitary and administrative measures already unable to stop. As it is impossible to stop the scientific and technological progress, to ban cars, phones, televisions and computers ... Russell city and go on a healthy diet ...

From the disease is immune, no one, regardless of gender, age and profession. In particular, the citizens are at risk, which is closer all the benefits of civilization! And that 80% of the population of all countries!

The question that the current situation can be done?

The answer is, in my view, no less paradoxical: not everyone can develop diabetes! .. If you will actively take care of themselves, their health and if you want to live in spite of circumstances. Then chances of avoiding illness or win it will be very high. It is only important to know some rules that us "plays" diabetes, and always ahead of him at least a half-step.

The fuel crisis

 Oxygen is needed, "the air" ... every patient with diabetes!

It is well known that one of the first to raise blood sugar levels react erythrocytes - carriers O2. They lose their elasticity, like "candy", and can not, as usual, to seep into the small blood vessels (capillaries). Because of this, in tissues and organs now comes the oxygen starvation (hypoxia).

However, the lack of glucose in the cells do not. It enters the tissue, and in amounts far in excess of their requirements. For modern man, the clock located at the wheel cars, in the chair in front of a computer at home watching TV ... no need diet and exercise full. Decreased metabolism, which is why, as a rule, increases body weight and premature grow decrepit bodies. Moreover, contrary to the general view, regular visits to a sports club that situation does not change much. One movement is usually not enough ...

But what is the modern man with an excess - so it is stress. Small and large. They also trigger the disease.
Stress require rapid combustion of glucose. They spur the pancreas to secrete even more insulin to "forced" feeding fuel into the cell.
And the oxygen there is still no! ..

Over time, the energy crisis reaches its limit. Oxygen Demand continues to grow. And, finally, there comes a time when the person has a medical record diagnosis of diabetes mellitus.


 Oxygen is needed, "the air" ... every patient with diabetes!

Now that we treat type II diabetes, and how to prevent the development of disease. The scheme, which we have developed in the hospital, is extremely simple.

First . We saturate the blood, organs and tissues of the body active oxygen, which immediately makes it possible to breathe his every cell.

The second . Stimulating the production of new red blood cells, to as quickly as possible to replace the park of the failed "transport" O2 spend vascular therapy.

Third . Activate all types of metabolism: carbohydrate, protein, fat and mineral that provides the "burning" of excess glucose levels in the blood to normal.

Fourth . Eliminating chronic foci of infection, including hidden, whose role in the development of diabetes I is not saying, but they significantly accelerate the development of the disease, aggravate and complicate its course.

Fifth . In the last step, we use our own methods, allowing a gradual return to baseline number of insulin receptors on the surface of cells and their sensitivity. And conducts non-drug-specific effect on the neuro-endocrine processes, with emphasis on the pancreas. Connect massive physical therapy: magnets, lasers, cryotherapy, hirudotherapy, electropulse treatment, etc. We are struggling with the existing complications of diabetes and prevent the possibility.

As a rule, after the first course of therapy in our day hospital (about 20-30 days) diabetes starts its countdown.

All normalizes blood biochemistry and carbohydrate metabolism. In mild cases, the disease simply ceases to exist. In more severe - to the next course - we write out the patients, giving them advice that can justifiably be called the prevention of acute illness, prevention of Type II diabetes per se ...

However, this topic is a separate discussion. Any advice to patients on protective regime, diet, physiotherapy and outpatient treatment should be prescribed only after a full examination of the body of the program "Life without diabetes." Because without taking into account all the nuances of the disease medical treatment is ineffective. For each patient, "your diabetes", which requires an individual approach. This is, firstly, - the main principle of cybernetic medicine.

And, secondly, a different approach to the treatment of Type II diabetes can not just ...! It will be ineffective.

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