Perm eyelashes
 Recently seen in the cabin service "perming eyelashes." And to be honest, I was very surprised. It somehow scary: chemistry and eyes. But, throwing doubt and prejudice, I decided to find out what's what. And it turns out that such a procedure can be carried out even at home (although I would not recommend). But first things first.

What perming eyelashes?

Let's start with the fact that, despite the emergence of commercially available kits for home perm, it's still a salon treatment. Perm eyelashes allows you to make your eyelashes curled a certain period. The procedure itself involves the use of a lotion, chemical composition, nutritional agents and special glue. This procedure gives a more stable result compared to the false eyelashes, mascara and tweezers for twisting eyelashes (structure that scares all the men).

Benefits perm eyelashes

The most important and most importantly - beautiful eyelashes. Now you do not need every morning to tighten them with terrible designs or apply too much mascara. And you'll save a lot of time in the morning.

Another advantage - lasting results. It all depends on two factors. First - how fast you grow new eyelashes. The second - the quality of products used. So, on average, beautiful recycled eyelashes will delight you from 1 to 4 months.

In addition, after this procedure, your eyes will become more and more expressive.

Disadvantages perm eyelashes

If the procedure is carried out you are an expert or bad, then it is likely that you will fall eyelashes, it is possible the emergence of allergic reactions around the eye, getting chemical compounds into the eye. Therefore, it is important to remember that the eyes - a very sensitive organ, and any manipulations around him better left to professionals.

Hence the answer to the following question: "It is dangerous to view? ". Not if everybody makes a qualified specialist.

How to care for eyelashes permed?

When you make a perm on the hair, give you a whole list of what can and can not do with hair in the next few days.

So for eyelashes: there are a few guidelines that will help to prolong the effect of the wave:
1. Do not soak for 24 hours.
2. Do not touch, do not pull, do not tighten up during the same 24 hours. Actually forget about them for a day.

 Perm eyelashes

Procedure perm eyelashes

• So, first wash away makeup. First, liquid and cream makeup remover and then with water. Then wait 10 minutes to completely dry the lashes.

• Now take a cotton pad and lowered into the water, and then well have to overcome. Then they are placed one for each lower eyelid.

• After taking the tongs and choose nozzle. The shorter the eyelashes, so it should be less. Now put the top curling eyelashes, eyes thus closed, and tighten up in the shape of the letter C. Then, glue is applied at the lash line. Try to not get glue on the eyelid, otherwise would be difficult to unstick the tongs.

• Then, using a wooden applicator leveled eyelashes, so that they are well distributed over the surface of the forceps.

• Now take a clean applicator is applied to the eyelashes and a special lotion. Allow the lotion for 15 minutes (with closed eyes).

• To check whether curled lashes, using a wooden stick and separate 2 cilia. If they keep their shape. Then everything is ready, if not, then expect more.

• Now fixing lotion is applied, pre-arranging eyelashes forceps. Leave it for 12 minutes. Then it's time nourishing lotion. Leave it on the eyelashes for 5 more minutes.

• Next, take a cleansing agent from the set, neatly separated from the eyelid and eyelashes forceps. At the end of applied moisturizing cream or gel on the eyelids.

As you can see, the procedure is not simple. And, considering that the eye, which will be held over the manipulation must always be closed, make a perm at home even harder.

Therefore, it is better to trust the professionals. On average, the procedure takes 50 minutes. An excellent opportunity to sleep and relax.

Do not be afraid to experiment. Technological progress, he then advances to make our lives easier. A perm eyelashes can save a lot of time in the morning.
Author: Vera Karabutova