Radical methods of rejuvenation. Part 1
 Tehnoliga the XXI century give women hope for the preservation of blossoming youth throughout life.

Sooner or later the time comes when we realize that the use of anti-aging creams and visits to a beautician in the fight against wrinkles around the eyes becomes insufficient, and begin to search for more effective measures. As a general rule, to 35 years is enough proper skin care. After 35 such that the effectiveness of home care and salon getting smaller. While drastic measures may be necessary before, the average demand for them there for 40 years. A lot depends on the anatomical structure of the face and a genetic predisposition to the formation of excess skin.

Radical methods of skin rejuvenation around the eyes not so much. It peels, injections and plastic surgery. Each method has a clear testimony. With the help of plastic surgery get rid of excess skin and hernia sac, peels are designed to align the surface of the skin and reduce wrinkles. In this article, we will focus on non-surgical intervention.

Acid peels

Peeling or exfoliation with acids are used to dissolve the upper layers of the skin to eliminate wrinkles .  The intensity and effectiveness of the procedure ranges from soft "washing" fruit acids (minimum effect), the average intensity of exfoliation using TCA to intense and most risky peeling with phenol .  Effect exfoliation procedures using trifluoroacetic acid is maintained for several years, deep exfoliation with phenol effect of the procedure is the most intense and long-term .  However, such peeling has one drawback - under the influence of acids on the skin during deep peeling is very difficult to predict the degree of penetration, so that there is a strong risk of skin burns .  After the procedure is necessary to avoid sun exposure, use a special cosmetic creams and cosmetics .

Laser resurfacing

Laser resurfacing - the most modern method of skin rejuvenation .  This procedure allows bloodless and almost painless vaporize superficial layers of the skin, along with wrinkles and skin growths .  The advantages of laser skin resurfacing is a high precision, small trauma and shorter recovery period after the procedure .  Modern lasers can be programmed to a particular level of energy that allows you to control the grinding process with high accuracy and receive the maximum aesthetic result in the most difficult cases .  Also, when laser skin resurfacing, besides updating the surface layers of the skin, there is a reduction of collagen fibers deeper layers of the dermis, causing the true effect facelift, or eliminating not only small epidermal wrinkles and deeper wrinkles .  At the same time, for removal of facial wrinkles and creases may require additional procedures .  To achieve the full rejuvenating effect often used a combination of laser rejuvenation of the skin's surface with plastic surgery of the face and neck and injection methods eliminate wrinkles . 

Laser cosmetic surgery is a delicate procedure, so that in many cases it is sufficient only application of anesthetic cream. Before and after the procedure to avoid sun exposure, use a special cosmetic creams and cosmetics.

Laser surgery leaves no scars. Temporary skin discoloration may be observed in some cases, usually can correct this condition by using special software and prevent post-operative care. Complications are extremely rare. Usually complications related to the infection, which joined in the postoperative period and increased reactivity of tissues that may be associated with skin type and other individual characteristics.

Look young - this is not a whim or caprice of women, not a fashion trend - a requirement of time. Achievements cosmetic industry, nutrition and radical ways to help you rejuvenate Otavalo eternally young!

To be continued...
Author: Inna Sedykh