Achieve perfection of your skin
 Studies have proved that the right mode helps in combating skin imperfections: acne, wrinkles or redness.

Reduce Wrinkles

Activity dermatologist from Botox and ending with laser peeling, is not the only way to strengthen the skin and care for it. The combination of all procedures in the home - the most that neither is a potent tool - you will definitely see the difference.

Retinoids. It is proved that these substances actually reduce wrinkles. They smooth the skin by improving cell activity and collagen production. The key point - to keep the program. It must last at least six weeks in order to achieve noticeable results on the skin.

Peptides also smooth the skin and increase collagen production. They can be combined with retinol for best results. It is preferred to carry out the procedure in the evening.

Antioxidants help protect skin from free radicals throughout the day. Many sunscreens already contain them or you can put them under a layer of cream. Antioxidants also repair the skin while you sleep, but some of them, such as vitamin C, can cause irritation if they are used at the same time with retinol.

Sunscreen. The sun - the reason skorodeystvuyuschaya manifestation of age changes. The minimum must be applied SPF-defense in the morning under makeup. The most ideal - applied every two hours. Alternatively, use a sunscreen or foundation with a high SPF filter.

Sleep on your back. In fact, you yourself are the creator of wrinkles utykayas face in the pillow. And do not smoke. Cigarettes - main stimulator of increasing wrinkles, since they deprive the skin of oxygen.

Shrink pores and pimples

When it comes to acne treatment, vigilance - the most important thing. You must handle all face daily, even after the pimples are gone. Not forgetting the constant daily care routine, you will save your skin from acne and make it really clean.

Salicylic acid works as a cleaner skin, removing irritation and unclogging pores. Ideal - to use a cleanser that contains salicylic acid, and then refer to the action of retinoids.

Retinoids. You need a strong tool that reduces the pores. If you can not devote time every day like cleaning, remember that even a few times a week can improve your skin.

Benzoic peroxide, tea tree oil, triclosan - these agents kill bacteria that cause acne, and must be used in combination with salicylic acid and retinoids.

Home mikrodermaobrabotka or skin peeling once a week should be an integral part of your regime. The peeling makes the skin more receptive to other procedures and absorption of a variety of means. Again, hiring the right sunscreen, as the sun can have a negative influence on acne.

Reduce pigmentation and brown spots

The ideal sunscreen - the best protection. Increased pigmentation, or melanin - almost always the result of the impact of UV rays. And even if you get rid of pigmentation, very small "number of the sun" can return it.

Retinoids help to get rid of spots and prevent their appearance, they also help to facilitate the process, penetrating deeper.

Easy mikrodermaobrabotka and peels can also help to prepare the skin lightening procedures, but be careful. Irritation of the peel can cause even greater pigmentation.

Lightening products are most safe and effective in our time - requires sufficient time, but it really helps.

Reduce redness

Sunscreen. Again, this step - key. The cause burst blood vessels are two things - sun exposure and rosacea. Acne, of course, the influence of the sun is only getting worse.

Protivovospaliteli. The best remedy against redness of sensitive skin - a mixture of soothing herbs such as green tea, chamomile and feverfew.

No cream will not be able to restore the blood vessels burst. But the laser procedure can do it (take from 1 to 5 sessions). If you have redness and brown spots, immediately go to a special clinics to eliminate them. You will spend a minimum amount of time, but the result will not take long.

Avoid spicy food, sun, overuse sauna, alcohol and caffeine - all that can worsen your skin condition.
Author: Ann, New York