"Against the grain"
 More thousand years ago to have the hair on the body of a woman was considered unaesthetic. One of the first mentions of hair removal leaves in ancient times and refers to the reign of the Egyptian empress Cleopatra. It was her custom was introduced to remove hair from the body using the resin mixture. And if in the distant past women used wax and various ointments, that at the moment there are a number of ways to remove excess hair. Indeed, despite the modern methods of approach to the problem, the same left that women have a body wildly overgrown with hair cover indecent. Although, in fairness, it is worth noting that, despite the tremendous progress in the field of cosmetology, not yet invented a method to achieve full effect of getting rid once and for all of the unwanted hairs.

As long as there is armed with the modern woman to get a solution to this delicate problem, preferably without appreciable loss, physical or financial?

There are several methods of depilation - temporary hair removal: chemical bleaching, shaving, bioepilyatsiya, hair removal using electrical appliances, electroacoustic and ultrasonic hair removal. And the latest development of the beauty industry in painless hair removal - light hair removal methods. These include photo-epilation and laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal

This method differs from the previous ones, first of all, non-contact, as well as the absence of allergic reactions and little time spent on carrying out the procedure. The absence of ingrown hair and rather strong effect. But before you address what it represents this procedure, be sure to mention the existing contraindications. Laser hair removal can not be carried out if:

• Pregnancy

• Lactation

• malignant neoplasms

• Acute and chronic skin diseases

• a certain stage of diabetes

• varicose disease

• Severe forms of hypertension and coronary heart disease

• acute form of herpes

• Infectious diseases

• keloid disease

  What is the procedure?

  The essence of the process of laser hair removal is instantaneous laser heating, and then the destruction of cells containing the pigment melanin, which is part of the cells of the hair bulb and energy trapping flash. Laser light source generates a pulse that carries the heat and infrared light. And, although this outbreak lasts for a split second, but it's enough to make up the hair bulb warmed up and died. The hair shaft is heated first - and it conducts heat to the site growing zone of the follicle. Thus it is possible to eliminate only visible on the skin hair.

A distinctive feature of laser hair removal is the fact that it, in addition to the death of the "active" of hair follicles, causing the weakening of "sleeping". As you know, in human skin to lay the reserve hair follicles are in a dormant state. When traditional methods of depilation "dormant" follicles are activated after 3 - 4 weeks after the procedure - and the skin will the second wave of hair growth. Then repeat the procedure again depilation.

  When laser hair removal to eliminate body hair spend a few procedures, as after a session ever "go" only hair in the early stages of development. Mature and old hair grow back after epilation.

  After the procedure, some time can be saved slight reddening of the skin, but it does not require special treatment and for a short time held its own. This is explained by the fact that the skin thermal relaxation time is much less so during the outbreak, he barely has time to warm up. That is why, acting selectively on the hair, laser hair removal does not damage the epidermis. This feature allows to carry out the procedure in the most sensitive areas of the body, the bikini area, face and armpits. We should also note the fact that this procedure is most effective when dark hair. But light and gray hairs that do not contain in their composition the pigment melanin, trapping energy laser flashes, can not be eliminated by this method of hair removal. In this case, you need a different kind of light technique of hair removal - epilation.   In addition, there is a high risk and with dark skin, as it may occur on the burns.

Patients who choose this type of hair removal may be faced with possible complications. Among them, first of all, include minor burns received as a result of insufficient competent laser hair removal.

After passing the hair removal sessions experts beauty salons can recommend abstinence from sunburn during the week. In future use sunscreen to prevent pigmentation, which may occur due to the increased sensitivity of the skin to ultraviolet radiation.

Until recently, laser hair removal is considered only salon treatment. But not so long ago went on sale Portable Laser Hair Removal, eliminating the need for expensive and, moreover, repeated visits to beauty salons, and on their own without any risk to health, to hold a session of laser hair removal.
Author: Elizabeth Ranevskaya