Hair extension
 Beautiful, shiny, thick hair - what of the women do not dream about such! Of course, you can begin to intensively care for them to accelerate their growth, but the result did not have to wait a month or two. And what about those who have short hair and want to become a long-haired beauty right now? Only one way out - a hair extension that will give your hair extra volume and length.

Experts modern salons can offer a number of ways this procedure of your choice. The most common method of building - method of individual strands . During this extension added in small portions are attached to your hair with a special polymer. On average, each contains a strand of hair 50, and for a standard building you may need to about 300 strands and 8 hours in the cabin. Thus, the amount of hair used during capacity approaching 15,000!

Naturally, it should be mentioned that each of the options for hair extensions has both its advantages and disadvantages. The method of increasing cold - "tisazh"   - It is one of the most painless and safe for the living hair. During the procedure, the expert makes braiding pigtails and she sews an additional strand. As soon as the hair will grow back and unravel braids, you will need to undergo a correction. On average, it requires every three weeks.

Another method of increasing cold - is hair extensions on beads or aluminum ring . This technique significantly damage your hair. Strands of hair are attached added to your hair with the help of forceps and plastic beads. This method will also need to make a correction often, each time exposing your hair adversely affected.

The most dangerous technique for live hair - one of the Hot methods building, further strand attach \ is to your hair using a pistol with glue. The capsules, which result - quite big and round that can not create a problem: they feel on the head, especially during sleep, there is the effect of their protrusion. After 1-2 months of such strands can fall.

All these negative reviews forcing professionals to go further and develop the safest, least time-consuming and cost accrual. The most modern techniques of the following requirements: the connection should be invisible and not to create inconvenience to the customer, the customer's own hair should not be damaged during the procedure, the "carrying" new hair should be the maximum.

Almost all of these requirements correspond to the new method of building with Italian technology - Hot method using keratin capsules . This is the safest but also most expensive procedure. During her ends of the strands are impregnated with natural hair keratin. With short-term effects of a special apparatus, keratin is heated, and the expense it to your hair strand joins more. This method allows you to build small and flat capsule. This solves the problem, which was previously considered unsolvable - eliminating the effect of acting capsules. They are not felt on the head and held for as long as the client did not want to remove them or to make a correction. Even more expensive variant of this method - ultrasound effect on the hair. Even with his frequent use of hair remain healthy and intact.

In order to please you new hair as long as possible, to be followed some rules : Use a special cosmetics for your hair type and wash them in a vertical position; combing to produce only slight movements, without excessive effort and tension with a massage brush or comb with wide teeth; after shampooing did not immediately rush to dry the hair dryer - some time just to leave them in a state of promiscuity; before going to bed to braid hair in a braid or gather in a ponytail.

And remember, no matter how fashionable was the procedure of hair extensions, it is necessary to decide only after a detailed consultation with a specialist. During the conversation, he will find out whether you can do it or should refrain from doing so. Contraindications include: vascular dystonia, alopecia, hormonal drugs or potent antibiotics, a course of chemotherapy.

Selecting a competent expert and proper care will help your new hair for a long time to be beautiful and to bring to you the attention of the opposite sex.
Author: Natalia Biatova