Help weary eyes
 This preparation, which will relieve your tired eyes from dryness, remove puffiness and dark circles will adjust.

1. "Clinique All About Eyes"
It is lightweight, highly efficient cream. Even after two applications of the skin around the eyes looks much softer and smoother. Absorbed quickly, it is also a good base for make-up. Cream reduces puffiness and small, moreover, helps to cope with dark circles around the eyes, especially if you use them regularly and mainly.

2. "Dermalogica Total Eye Care spf 15"
It really is a good moisturizer for the eyes, which immediately "polishes" the area around the eyes with light reflecting particles. Shimmering components make it a good base for make-up, in addition, it has a high SPF - the main component for protection from the sun, which is so necessary for the thin areas of the skin under the eyes.

3. "Clarins Eye Revive Beauty Flash"
This cream is correctly attributed to the slight moistening and not to an intensive treatment; it does not remove the swelling and relieves dark circles, it is necessary to prepare the skin for make-up. The cream has a light, pleasant aroma; it refreshes the skin around the eyes, making it more soft and fresh. It is easily absorbed, so makeup can be applied immediately.

4. "Elemis Bright Eyes Recovery Gel"
It is instantly calming product, aimed not so much on how you look, and that you will feel. If your eyes are prone to fatigue movement, work with a computer or reading - this gel just for you, because it acts immediately, calming and refreshing eye.

5. "Natura Bissé Special FX Eye Illuminate"
This yellowish gel has a strong medicinal smell that will make you think that it really works well. Weak shimmering particles cause it to reflect light, which greatly reduces the signs of fatigue. It is not intended as most creams, intensive moisturizing, and is intended solely for medical purposes.

6. "Clarins Eye Contour Gel"
This gel really helps make the eyes less puffy (although over the dark circles does not have such authority). Only apply quite a bit and have a good rub, because he was not absorbed very quickly. Before applying makeup eye cream should be fully absorbed.

7. "Philosophy Eye Believe"
This gel has a transparent structure and is very easy to apply, that feels more like a silk powder. It is so easy that virtually immediately disappears beneath your fingers. Under the eyes there is a pleasant feeling, but if you have very sensitive skin, you may feel a slight tingling.

8. "Garnier Nutritionist Regenerating Eye Cream"
This lightweight, moisturizing, non-greasy cream. The tiny reflective particles make it a very good base for makeup. The smoothing effect - the strongest quality of this tool, along with a very affordable price.