Salon treatment Keraterm beauty of your hair
 Autumn - time for colds. At this time, the hair needs extra care to avoid the effect of electrification of wearing caps and brittle and dry hair. The latest development of advanced laboratory in Paris Beauty l'Oreal - tools series Kerastase - help your hair once again become silky and smooth, healthy look and feel.

Starting procedure - shampoo tub.   It's not just shampoo, and a ritual - a massage and aromatherapy, as a part of a whole bunch of shampoo flavors: mint, conifers, lavender, citrus, nutmeg, coriander, white musk. Skillful hands of a professional to help you relax and head massage improves the blood circulation.

After shampoo, bath hair dried with a towel and applied a special liquid from a spray   - Concentrate Vita-Cement. The structure means includes substances that restore the intercellular cement hair comprising 60% of lipids. It is the quality of the cement is responsible for the connection between the scales of the hair itself and for the state of the hair structure as a whole. If the connection is good scales, the surface of the hair is smooth and reflects the light. Because permanent pilings, applying lacquers, mousses, foams, gels, gradually intercellular cement in the hair is destroyed. Because of this, the hair becomes brittle, porous and more brittle. After applying the concentrate hair acquire natural strength and elasticity.

Next agent which is applied to the hair - Aqua-Oleum. It contains avocado oil and jojoba oil.   The tool is designed to neutralize the corrosive effects on the hair: Use a hair dryer, the temperature difference, because of which the hair becomes more rigid, dull and withers. Thanks to oil, the hair becomes elastic and gain a healthy glow, they are easier to comb, and they are not heavier, and are light and flowing.

Then the hair is a little dried and treated with a special ironing, the use of which contributes to the deep penetration of useful components in the hair strands.   As a result - the hair becomes silky and cease to electrify. After ironing their wash, apply a special mask that softens, smoothes and nourishes dry and very rebellious hair. Also, the mask helps to remove the negative impact of such external influences as wrongly chosen means to wash your hair, too frequent and vigorous combing, environmental pollution, and these internal reasons for the poor condition of the hair, as stress and fatigue. The mask is applied by slow head massage. After the mask wash her hair dried and placed without the use of hot air because it would nullify all the efforts to restore the structure of professional hair and beauty.

After this shock therapy hair come alive, it becomes shiny and silky.   This procedure experts advise to spend 2 times a month - and well-groomed hair is guaranteed. And it was beautiful and well-groomed hair - a real decoration of a woman.
Author: Natalia Biatova