Secrets of eternal youth
 More recently, a few decades ago, in the era of our mothers and grandmothers, it was believed that a woman forty years all the fun is over, and it can only look forward to grandchildren. But today everything has changed. What is the 40 years for the modern woman? This is the age at which life begins and when you can rightfully enjoy the fruits of both invaluable experience and has not lost the energy of life. However, at this time in a woman's body start to happen unpleasant age changes that adversely affect the appearance: the skin becomes dry and loses its elasticity, sagging, and shows deep wrinkles and folds. Why is this happening? - This question anxiously peering in the mirror, ask yourself the women since time immemorial.

The problem is that over the years in the skin decreases the amount of collagen and elastane, which gives it elasticity. It reduced its ability to hold moisture, and age-related weakening of the protective lipid layer leads to more dehydration. Moreover, the body has a lower intensity of metabolic processes taking place, there is a gradual fading hormone, therefore prolongs update epidermis. This means that seriously slows down the process of regeneration of the skin, and it also becomes more than a young man, sensitive to the damaging effects of various external factors (UV radiation, bad ecology, stress).

Slow down the aging process may partly rejuvenating mask, which offers recipes for traditional medicine .  Perfect skin tone different fruit and vegetable masks (eg, apple-carrot, banana, cucumber, strawberry) .  The general principle of the use of such masks are the same: the crushed pulp 2-3 times a week applied to the face, avoiding the eye area, and wash off after 15-20 minutes with lukewarm water .  After that, you can rub the skin with ice cubes, prepared on the basis of decoctions of medicinal herbs such as nettle, chamomile and St. John's wort .  Good result also provides the use of herbal concoctions for the morning washing, especially sage are very useful for skin prone to wrinkles .  Great service, dry aging skin can have a cottage cheese and salt mask .  For its preparation mix a tablespoon of cottage cheese, a teaspoon of salt and 2 tablespoons of sour cream .  Very popular and honey-protein mask, helps to maintain skin elasticity .  It is prepared on the basis of pre-heated in a water bath of honey, mixing it with a well-beaten egg white and flour . 

However, if slightly slow down the signs of aging with the help of these funds is still possible, then turn back time, alas, they are not able. So, women who want to look much younger, will need all the achievements of modern technology and the latest scientific discoveries in the field of dermatology. Especially well-proven anti-aging complex HPE-4, designed specifically for women "45+" and taking into account all the features of mature skin. It is part of the range CompleteLift French brand of premium pharmaceutical cosmetics RoC and complex impact on the main signs of aging: effectively restores facial contours, eliminates sagging skin, smoothes nasolabial folds, intensely nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

When coming to the aid of modern innovation and technology, time ceases to be an enemy of the exterior, and it becomes a faithful ally, day after day with her erasing signs of age. At the same time, many women have seen first hand. The main thing - to take care of the skin on a daily basis, without making breaks, and use cosmetic products in accordance with the age and skin type.
Author: Anna Mikhalskaya