What are you ready for the sake of beauty?
 We do not fear the cold - for a long time we are young!

The benefits of thermal treatments, sauna, steam rooms, saunas write a lot and often. On the beneficial effects of the cold, too often told. Proponents of a healthy lifestyle and in print, and promoting personal example ice swimming and pouring ice water. I would not advise you to go into the hole or sponge oneself down with snow in the icy cold - I myself for such feats are not able to, though I look with admiration as cheerful and funny woman in a swimsuit sport on snow clearing.

At most, what I dare - is to throw yourself in the shower a bucket of cold water. Of course, my method is a relatively "weak" in the preservation of beauty, youth and health, but even such a lightweight cold treatment has a significant positive effect, in any case, precisely adds vigor.

Why is this happening, and what, in fact, is the effect itself? The fact that the temperature stress and fills the body endomorphin serotonin - the hormone of joy and pleasure. A huddled against the cold body for a few minutes to burn a thousand calories. So in the diet cold procedures can be even more effective than exercise and sauna and steam rooms. However, there is a psychological factor here - the fear of cold and fear of catching cold. All the same we treat warm-blooded creatures and fear freeze founded somewhere deep in our subconscious. Therefore, before such procedures is to set yourself in advance, make sure that the short-term effect of the cold is not dangerous, but on the contrary, if the procedure is done properly, does not feel cold and scorching heat. And if you do not manage to overcome the fear and somewhere in my head sounds treacherous thought: "sick, oh ill", then it is better to postpone the procedure until a more appropriate moment.

But then, if decided, the result will not take long, and the positive effect will be required.

After such exposure to cold the body is updated, it activates the metabolism, smoothes the skin and even the "orange peel" cellulite gradually recedes. Here, take this simple, well-known fact - the blush on the cheeks in the cold day: it is the cold surface vessels shrink sharply, and then reflexively dilate. The same thing happens when pouring cold. At this point, just worth taking advantage of nourishing oils and creams for the skin, their impact will be most productive.

  Still it is possible to mention wiping face frozen cubes of water or herbal infusions. But I think about this kind of refreshment and toning all know, but how cold the property reorganize and rejuvenates the skin used in professional beauty, may not have all heard.

  Cryotherapy varied.   There cryomassage - here instead of ice cubes using liquid nitrogen or nitrogen-air mixture ultralow temperature; kriopilling, cryosurgery, kriodermabraziya, Krioplast - the names speak for themselves. And there is also cryosauna - I myself have not tried, but they say that the feeling from both spacewalks! This is not pouring the bucket of 100-150 degrees Celsius in kriokabine! Cryosauna resembles a vertical solarium, but, instead of the UV rays, working inside the liquid nitrogen, it is absolutely safe - no hypothermia or frostbite! Do you want to try? There is still time, because cryoprocedure advised to do just in the winter, as the summer sun exposure to our skin after renewed cryonics procedures can damage.

The main effect of cryotherapy - Update all
organism, its rejuvenation. These methods should be adopted.

Author: Olga Travleeva