Blood transfusion rejuvenates
 Just three recent studies suggest that transfusions of blood in a young body can rotate fading back time.

Beauty treatments, based on a blood test, not news. There are blood group diet, remember well the last salon innovation - Plazmolifting. Now there is every reason to believe that the blood transfusion service will soon become not only purely medical.

While the tests were conducted only in mice. Researchers from Stanford and Harvard have shown that the blood can be "tired" and "aging." And a full transfusion of younger blood into an aging body rejuvenates muscles, brains, and even removes all signs of aging.

Can it be so simple? And you just recharge the young blood, to avoid wrinkles? The answer to this question can only be obtained when the tests will be carried out in public.

Based on materials from New York Times

Author: Julia Gnedina