Brotoks: male rejuvenation is gaining momentum
 Brotoks - a male Botox. And if before the procedure has been some kind of exotic, now salons and clinics plastic state: male Botox is growing very rapidly.

The publication InStyle (US edition) says that in the last year the popularity Brotoksa clearly increased. If in 2012 the male Botox held 15% of the market Botox, but last year the figure was over 25%.

The increase is associated with the fact that men in the recent spate of problems of aging as much as women. However, there are differences from the female Botox. The men are in favor of a procedure that was invisible to others. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery believes that the American is not opposed to their faces they look "done", and some of them even are striving for it, wanting to show their worth. Men on the contrary, is not willing to be "artificial" entity.

Another trend, which writes the American InStyle: men begin to care for their skin at an earlier age than it was a few years ago.

So girls, be prepared that your guy will start to go to Botox, like you, since 25 years, and even earlier.

Author: Julia Gnedina