Lena Lenina spoke about the trendy colors in summer clothes 2014
 To create a stylish image of the summer season it is necessary to choose the right colors of clothing. True fashionistas important as it is, what colors she chooses for the summer, and then, as the chosen shade of the dress emphasizes her dignity and hides imperfections.

The main trend of the upcoming summer season - all white . Although this color has a strong leadership position a few warm seasons, this year, all shades of white, however, as it related light beige, milk, ivory and champagne spray again be in vogue. No matter what you choose: skirts, pants, dresses, most importantly, that all items of clothing were one tone. Attention, white color has an infinite number of shades, both cold and warm, and what kind of tone you imagine a white pick up depends on the success of your desire to please others.

  The second position on the importance of summer flowers share blue   shades and classic black and white   combination. The first option looks easy, gentle and at ease, because blue is much quieter than the blue, it is much less pressure on the emotional state of others, is the color of visionaries and creative individuals. Blue suit and blonde and brunette, but the red-haired golden-haired girls and better to refrain from it, if it does not minimize the amount in the form correctly and combine it with the warm colors of flowers.

Choosing black and white classics do not forget to minimize the black element in a summer dress and play in the shades of white in search of options that makes you brighter, depending on the type of their own appearance.

A classic spring-summer color was and remains green   Running the gamut from green color for women's warm-type appearance to dark gray khaki cold type. Green - a symbol of nature, wisdom and development. To the human eye, this color most comfortable and familiar. It soothes and helps to create harmony with the surrounding world.

 Lena Lenina spoke about the trendy colors in summer clothes 2014

This summer will be the center of attention and sports stuff. One of the slogans of the coming season - an active lifestyle. Lovers of bold decisions, even fashion designers offer combine bright sports clothes made of natural fabrics with heeled sandals, to add to the image of sexuality.

For those who can not look without a combination of different bright colors this summer gives carte blanche to the action. But remember, stylists recommend to combine a maximum of three colors. The internet will be the original color combinations, such as, monochrome   - Using only one color, but from the lightest to the darkest shades of his; contrast   - Red and green, orange and blue, yellow and purple, such combinations - one of the favorite for creative people, who need the freedom of imagination; and achromatic - built on a combination of black, gray and white. The latter is a big plus - the colors harmonize with almost any color and suit for the summer, you can add brightly colored accessories in the form of necklaces, brooches, bracelets and rings.

Color affects mood, activity and human thought .  Around the world, it has recognized the efficiency of color therapy .  Therefore, it goes without saying that properly selected colors in clothes - a way to success .  At the 100% successful way can be achieved only through proper combination of colors in the clothes, accessories and make-up .  If you make a mistake in at least one of these items will be the impression that in the guise of "something wrong" .  Do not "your" color emphasizes the imperfections and old .  This is directly related to the physical laws of color .  Try to define for yourself what color suits you, and if not, you can go to a specialist, for example, in the spa Bontabelle, which will hold a competent analysis of the exterior color, which allows you to choose the best colors adorn the clothing, hair and Maiko .  Individual characteristics determined by the three color pigments, each of which is present in skin, hair, and eyes of a person on the nature .  Any combination of individual and set of color characteristics of the person - is unique .  Your color, your personality - your new harmonious style .  Knowing your exact tsvetotip, you can save time on shopping and creating a wardrobe and well-chosen clothes and make-up will make you an effective seductress .

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova