Universal primer InstaBlur from The Body Shop
 Do you like to be photographed and can not imagine my life without Instagram, Twitter and Facebook? Photo filters, retouching and Photoshop are no longer needed, so that the skin look flawless and radiant beauty of the photographs. In stores The Body Shop has appeared new - Universal primer for the face InstaBlur!

The primer acts immediately in 5 directions, hiding all the shortcomings of the skin:

∙ matiruet 12 hours;

∙ hides pores;

∙ masks redness;

∙ evens skin tone;

∙ creates an excellent base for make-up and ensures its durability.

 Universal primer InstaBlur from The Body Shop

Secret InstaBlur   It lies in the unique formula, which makes it both an ideal base for make-up and uhodnym means. Matting micro-particles eliminate excess shine and correct imperfections. Vitamin E moisturizes and protects skin from premature aging, while marula oil, purchased in Namibia under the "fair trade", nourishes and softens it.

  One moment - and you're ready for a camera flash!

The novelty will be in stores The Body Shop in May 2014

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova