invites gardeners!
 April 15, 2014 opened social network - a project for everyone who is interested in gardening and horticulture, construction of suburban homes and farms, loves flowers and the fresh air, enjoying every minute spent in nature.

It should be noted that - the tenth female site of the "Mediafort 'seventh and social network, the creation of which was used by the successful experience of other social networking companies, and is a culinary portal, women's social network, social network For authors, a social network for parents, a social network for slim and want them to become, a social network for fashionistas

By April 15, the day of opening the website, 15 thousand people have expressed their desire to take part in the project and left their e-mail addresses on the home page of the future site. In just three months the company has a pleasant enthusiastic gardeners who have something to discuss on the new project.

Site opening coincided with the hot summer season, so our users from the first days of opening an active part in the work of the social network - residents happy to discuss their summer cottages business, the Council and make recommendations, offer a wealth of experience to help other active gardeners.

It should be noted that the social network has everything that may be interested gardeners. Your attention - a library of articles on the cultivation of vegetables, fruits, berries, fruit trees, pest control, harvesting the winter and recommendations gardeners. Much attention is paid to the construction of houses and buildings in the country, everything suburban area, landscaping. Surely you useful tips on choosing modern garden machinery and tools. And, of course, we have not forgotten that the hut - a place for recreation, children's leisure activities and fun family holidays.

In addition, we present an encyclopedia of plants, gardeners calendar for 2014, the lunar calendar for 2014. You can join groups of interest, ask questions or post answers in the category "FAQ", keep a diary and share photos, chat and take part in competitions to be organized and edited the site by users.

The project is currently working behind closed doors - access to all materials can be obtained only by registered users. Join the fun company Asienda.rui enjoy country life even more!

Author: Anna Shustrova