Expert material: Bessulfatnye hair products
 Larisa Gimalieva, international master stylist, talks about the benefits bessulfatnyh of hair.

Illuminates and brightens

Spring - time updates of both internal and external. We all know there is nothing that does not change the image of women as a new haircut or hair color. It was at this time of year, as soon as the sun comes out, the girls are sent to the salons, to radically change the appearance. Shades of Blonde and copper-red, tend to occupy a leading position in the spring.

Coloring - this is only the first step on the path to beauty. Whether you become a blonde or change hair color to a darker, more importantly - to care for colored hair, so they do not lose the first "poslesalonny" gloss and dull. It has its difficulties. Particular attention should be paid to hair dyed bright colors - from bleaching hair suffer the most. They need to constantly moisturize using properly selected care products. For example, many professional line, there are special shampoos for "Blonde" and "melirovannyh." Haired brunettes and fit and classic shampoo for colored hair.
Any means for colored hair should contain as many nutrients, softening and moisturizing components. Also pay attention to bessulfatnye funds.

Sulfates Sulfates strife

Sulfates - surface active detergent compounds which form a strong and well washed foam hair. There are many kinds of sulfates, and they are used in detergents for various purposes - from tools for myatya cars to high-quality professional shampoos.

The means for hair care depending on the variety of sulfates final price and quality tools. There is a simple relationship - the more components included in this product, so it is better and more expensive, because each component is scrutinized.

Bessulfatnye means today definitely become a trend, but in the minds of consumers it has taken hold recently. This fashion came from Europe, its legislators were people who maintain a healthy lifestyle, prefer vegetarian food and organic products.

The Daily Conditioner still present detergents, but in a minimal amount to affect the hair gently, without undue burden, so they are suitable for almost all types of hair.

Soft Care

What happens to our hair when washing? Hair consists of three layers: meduly, cortex and outer layer flake. Medula - the core of the hair in the cortex is melanin, which is responsible for hair color, and the outer layer, we define quality. When we paint the hair scales to open the outer layer, and penetrates into the dye. We are closing their care products (balms, masks and others).

Conventional shampoos with sulfates for colored hair while washing the hair scales open, so in some cases, washed out color. A Daily Conditioner is gently washed hair without washing away the paint from the inside, in many professional and not professional line bessulfatnye mylyatsya means very badly - not enough detergent and you have to use too much shampoo. But not all funds have bessulfatnyh a disadvantage - for example, shampoos for colored hair SATINIQUE well even with soft foam cleaning.

 Expert material: Bessulfatnye hair products

Author: Anna Shustrova