Hair dryer, which will last a really long time!
 Creating a stylish image always takes a lot of time and effort. And even the most common styling with a round comb and a hair dryer requires a lot of effort. How often, watching the virtuosic work of the master in the beauty salon, we dream to repeat his actions at home! Usually we stop not only the lack of a diploma barber as the inability to use professional equipment for hair styling.

Often, to get the result as after visiting the interior is not possible because of low power hair dryer. But now it's no problem! The world-renowned American manufacturer of equipment for hair care Remington went to meet the wishes of consumers. Developers the company presented a revolutionary new product: hair dryers with a particularly powerful motors that have the qualities of salon equipment, but it is accessible to any buyers.

New hair AC5911, which is perhaps the most important technical characteristics are professional AC-motor and high power - 2200 watts. serve you for a really long time!

What is the AC-motor?

Power dryer, primarily dependent on the motor. There are 2 types of motors: AC - alternating current, which is set in the professional hair dryers, and DC - DC, calculated not on the stylists, and consumers. In beauty salons apparatus for drying hair use more often than at home. And thanks to the AC motor, they are longer than conventional dryers. And why do not we use the same powerful home to serve us for many years, and we do not overpay extra money? Taking care of us, a manufacturer of high quality and modern technology for the care of a - Remington AC-motor used in the new model AC5911, specially created for the stylish, self-confident women. Studies have shown that such a device really will serve you for years to come.

But, of course, it is important not only the durability of the device .  Because the speed of the air at the dryer by Remington AC5911 as much as 130 km / h, you can dry your hair in minutes! The function of the ion air to remove excess static electricity from the hair and prevent electrification, as well as the function blowing cold air to fix the final installation will allow you to enjoy the brilliant results in record time .  Cold air stream is very important not only to reduce the risk of injury to the hair temperature effect, but also to make the hair more resistant .  Hair dryers with AC motors provide the opportunity Remington .  Moreover, due to the design of the main element, the air gets a really cold but not cool as in conventional hair dryers .  It is enough to click on the button and the hot breath of a breeze will turn into a cold .  This mode prevents the disclosure scales of hair, and therefore, the surface of the hair is smooth and shiny .  A nice addition - the weight of the model, only 780 grams!

 Hair dryer, which will last a really long time!

Price: 2 390 rubles.


• Power - 2200 W
• Long-life AC motor
• 6 combinations of temperature and speed limits
• The blower speed - 130 km / h for quick drying hair
• Ion conditioning to prevent tangling of hair
• The "turbo"
• The blowing cold air
• Narrow concentrator for precise styling
• Diffuser
• Removable rear grille
• Loop for hanging
• Power cord length 3 m
• 5 years warranty

Author: Anna Shustrova