Korea's plastic surgery patients have to change passports
 Plastic surgery in Korea has reached such heights that her patients are almost completely change their appearance. As a result, many are waiting for the problems at passport control.

Plastics in South Korea is very popular, which is why developing well. There was a special kind of tourism - in Korea for a new nose and a new chin - which provided a large flow of tourists from neighboring China or Japan. And here, in this category of patients of Korean hospitals have serious problems at border crossings. Customs can not collate the women with their photos in the passport, because after visiting the surgeon sometimes change their appearance dramatically.

Good advertising could turn out for the clinic, right?

 Korea's plastic surgery patients have to change passports

By the way, last year in South Korea, the number of "plastic" of tourists from abroad amounted to 25 thousand. While as three years ago these patients was 10 times less (2500).

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina