The contest "beautiful linen - yes! "On
 Do you love beautiful clothes? Imperceptibly, but it gives a sense of femininity and even his sexuality ... because it is not visible under clothing, and there is no need to undress, if not there is no need to wear, is not it? But, nevertheless, a rare woman does not choose for themselves the beautiful clothes, often at the expense of convenience and budget.

And how do you feel about underwear? Delicate, weightless, wonderful panties, silk, nice sliding skin stockings, lace bust, and that "the absence of chest" looks sexy, and if you have something to brag about, then just - sex bomb!

Of course, the clothes - it is also corsets, body, negligees, nightgowns, shirts ... the list goes on, but is it necessary? with the brand Atlantic offers to you to show off his underwear and write a short story. What should be done? Search in your wardrobe the most beautiful and favorite underwear, take a photo of it and come up with a story with his participation. Although the story - it is a very strong word. A few suggestions, interesting history, reflection on the appropriate theme, a poem - anything that can be dedicated to a beautiful garment. Then place your material in a specially created group of the competition "beautiful linen - yes! "And invite your friends to read and vote for your work. If you brag of your notes in the social networks - just a plus!

Three work with the most votes will receive the brand Atlantic certificates for 5, 3 and 2 thousand rubles, they can be cashed on the site*

Atlantic - one of the most popular brands of men's and women's underwear in Poland. For over 20 years, the brand is the leader in Central and Eastern Europe in this segment.

Creating underwear we always care about:

- Fashion trends - a group of designers Atlantic creates a collection based on
current fashion trends,

- Innovative approaches - a leader in this field, we have used because of structural solutions and special kroyam,

- High quality, which provide the materials and control every detail in all stages,

We care that our lingerie perfectly match the needs, modeled silhouette and give a feeling of exceptional comfort. We update the collection twice a year and create something new for special occasions and holidays. But the classic offer Atlantic remains unchanged - a collection of BASIC.

In addition to stores across Russia, underwear Atlantic can also be purchased at the online store on the site

 The contest "beautiful linen - yes! "On

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Author: Anna Shustrova