The new deodorant by Nivea c «effect powder"
 New in 2014 - deodorant antiperspirant "Powder Effect" from experts Nivea instantly dries immediately after application and leaves no sticky feeling. Ultralight formula powder particles is quickly absorbed and makes the skin armpits dry, soft and smooth. Deodorant provides effective protection against perspiration and odor for 48 hours, leaves no residue on clothes. Novelty has a soft, fresh floral scent based on rich powdery chord.

Incredibly soft feel on the skin provides a unique natural ingredient - kaolin powder . Kaolin, also known as "white clay" - is a natural mineral that has excellent absorbing and enveloping properties. After contact with skin dries instantly and evens its surface, giving it incredible softness. Antiperspirant formula effectively protects from perspiration for 48 hours and prevents odor.

Clean, easy, gentle and soft powdery scent of new items has been developed perfume laboratory company Symrise.

Top notes   bergamot, orange and mandarin give freshness.

Heart notes   Light and delicate, full of lily of the valley, rose, geranium and jasmine.

Base notes   sandalwood, musk, tonka bean, vanilla fragrance impart softness.

 The new deodorant by Nivea c «effect powder"
  The new deodorant by Nivea c «effect powder"

Expert research department NIVEA Deo Bjorn Windisch

"Knowing how important for women not only instantaneous and reliable protection against perspiration and underarm skin soft without feeling sticky, we were looking for an ingredient that would be superior to talc in its absorbent properties, providing a positive skin caring effect. We found that kaolin powder is faster, and therefore women do not have to wait a while before you start dressing. According to independent studies in the Italian Institute Farcoderm, kaolin powder absorbs moisture up to five times faster than the talc, which is also used in the formulas of some deodorants. For example, 1 gram of kaolin powder imbibed 0, 5 ml of the liquid for 22 seconds, talc is under equal conditions made it for 118 seconds. "

Recommended price:

Roll-on deodorant "Powder Effect" - 95 rubles.
Spray deodorant "Powder Effect" - 115 rubles.
Deodorant Stick "Powder Effect" - 120 rubles.

Author: Anna Shustrova