Want to lose weight? Fly on the equator!
 This way to lose weight called "diet Equator", although there is no word about the products, plan meals and menus. The trick is that at the equator you will weigh less.

"Diet" is not the most cost-effective, because the tickets are a lot of the equatorial countries. But the effect was proved. The closer you will be to the equator, the less your body weight. Conversely, the closer to the poles of the Earth, the heavier you become.

Work laws of gravity: rotation at the equator of the globe is accelerating and slowing down the poles. This causes weight fluctuations. On average, the rate may be 0 to 5% by weight. It turns out, all the inhabitants of the equatorial countries by an average of 300-400 grams lighter those who live closer to the poles of the Earth.

However, the effect of the stay on the equator evaporates almost instantly, as soon as you land at the airport in his native city.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina