Diademine N ° 110: An effective anti-aging care
 In the spring of 2014 Schwarzkopf is a line of innovative care products for skin Diademine N ° 110, issued specifically for the 110th anniversary of the brand Diademine. The composition of each agent included 110 drops the elixir of youth, who managed to create, based on over a century of experience in laboratory Diademine.

Formula funds 110 Diademine N °   It contains 110 drops of the elixir of youth Consisting of 11 powerful anti-aging ingredients: arginine and panthenol intensively moisturize the skin, it activates the cell taurine, vitamins E and F nourish and protect the skin. Yeast extract activates the synthesis of lipids and restores the natural protective barrier of the skin. Fukosert (polysaccharide of vegetable origin) acts as an antioxidant to the skin, while moisturizing it. In the deeper layers of the skin affects a part of the elixir of youth betafin, which helps improve the structure of the skin. Carnitine and peptides stimulate collagen and hyaluron that strengthen and smooth the surface of the skin.

Anti-Aging Day Cream 110 Diademine N ° Crème de Beauté   - Highly effective with a rich silky texture. It smooths wrinkles and tightens facial contours, intensely moisturizing skin and restoring its shine.

 Diademine N ° 110: An effective anti-aging care

Price: 215 rubles.

Cleansing Gel Diademine Gelée de Beauté N ° 110   effectively removes dirt and makeup from the skin of the face, including the eye area. Its unique formula, enriched 110th drops moisturizing coconut oil replenishes moisture reserves in the skin, making it soft and gives a feeling of freshness.

 Diademine N ° 110: An effective anti-aging care

Price: 205 rubles.

On sale from March 2014.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova