Exhibition and sale of «Magic Stitch - Embroidery and Beads"
 From 10 to 13 April in the Exhibition Hall AMBER PLAZA held IV specialized exhibition and sale of «Magic Stitch - Embroidery and Beads."

The exhibition is traditionally you can buy unique products and materials for creative work: interesting new schemes for embroidery, needlework supplies, kits for beginners and experienced masters, tools for embroidery and beading work. It is also a huge selection of ready-made products: jewelry, clothing, home furnishings, paintings, accessories gifts- everything that you have done your work unique!

The program of the exhibition this year includes:

• Special project "Embroidery of the world" - embroidered tablecloth from Germany, Holland, England, Ukraine, Russia, from private collections; dazzlingly beautiful Mexican embroidered skirts "Mysteries Theater" Eugene Elovikova;
• II Training Forum;
• The exhibition "Bead Design";
• Photo project "Gorgeous Embroidery";
• Exposure studio traditional costume "Russian start";
• unique master classes by Japanese artist Fumiko Nakayama.

And also you can see the finished product and embroidered beads made of various techniques and styles

Read more about the exhibition - http://vk.com/clubmagicstitch .

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova