Sharon Stone has admitted that it is very afraid of growing old
 The actress gave an interview with Shape (US edition). During the meeting, we were talking about how to age beautifully. The journalists believed that Stone knows a good judge. But we were very surprised revelations stars. Sharon appears simply terrified of growing old.

It is now Sharon Stone willingly shows its wrinkles around the eyes. But 15 years ago it was very different.

"When I crossed the 40-year milestone - it was the most difficult period of my life", - says Stone. "Once I locked myself in the bathroom with a bottle of wine and decided: I do not get out of here, I am not completely accept the way I look right now. I looked at his face, his body, and cried, cried, cried. " Sharon, like many women, could not then realize that aging begins, and there was nothing she could do about it.

As she came out of the Depression? The actress just said to myself, "I will grow old, and did not change. And now we have to decide how I'll do it. "

As Sharon decided? The result we see now, when she was already 55 years old.

 Sharon Stone has admitted that it is very afraid of growing old

She decided to age beautifully and actively. The actress has developed a regime that journalists called "regime of dancers." It includes lots of dancing and stretching exercises. The second secret: complete abstinence from alcohol. "I think that with age comes a time when you need to give up alcohol because it makes your face swollen and dull, moreover, from a growing belly and hips" - so says Sharon.

Author: Julia Gnedina